Valentine's Day Offer on all Heart Jewelry

Valentine Heart Jewelry available at Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry DesignsIs it just me, or do you love (pun intended) heart jewelry too?!

The heart is a symbol of many things including love, romance, desire, passion, affection and more. No wonder it's irresistible!

Whether you prefer the muted tones and colors of a heart-shaped gemstone or the dazzling sparkle of a Swarovski Crystal Heart, there's no denying that a heart adds a certain feminine touch to all Crystal Allure Jewelry designs.

Every year I tell myself, I'm not going to do any heart beaded jewelry. But, that never lasts long. I simply cannot resist the urge to create designs using hearts.

So, this year, I want to share a little love with you. From now until February 5, 2011, shop select Heart Jewelry at Crystal Allure Jewelry and receive 20% off! Simply enter coupon code, sparkleheart*, at checkout to receive your discount.

*Coupon discount applies to select available heart jewelry only. It does not apply to any other available jewelry, custom jewelry, or past heart jewelry purchases.

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Custom Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Joyce had visited Crystal Allure Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry and found a pair of earrings that would coordinate with her allure crystal necklace her brother-in-law purchased for her sister. She contacted me to create a custom pair of emerald Swarovski Crystal earrings to complement this necklace and she also requested a custom pair in sapphire too.

Joyce's Custom Swarovski Crystal Stack Earrings (E044-E047)
Joyce's Custom Swarovski Crystal Stack Earrings (E044-E047)
One of a Kind

We took an existing handcrafted beaded earring design and customized it a little more to fit her needs and desires. The results were simply stunning. A minimalist look in a purely feminine style with a hint of sparkling presence.

One of the things I love most about Swarovski Crystal is there are endless possibilities when it comes to color and cut options. I find I could make the same earrings 20 times over and never get bored with the brilliance of Swarovski Crystals. Their quality is unmatched which is why they are the hallmarks of my designs.

Enjoy your earrings Joyce!

Design Details:
The first pair of earrings feature round Swarovski Crystals accented by a sterling silver bead and topped with diamond shaped Swarovski Crystals in sapphire. Earrings are finished with 14 karat gold fill leverback ear wires.

The second custom pair of earrings feature round Swarovski Crystals accented by a sterling silver bead and topped with diamond shaped Swarovski Crystals in emerald. Earrings are finished with sterling silver post ear wires. Length is 1/2 inch from the bottom of the ear wire.

An Information Desk is for 'Information' Right?!

Correct me if I'm wrong. But, isn't an "Information Desk" a place to well...get information?

Sadly, I had the unfortunate task of visiting our local Human Services building yesterday, without a clue as to what I had to do to file some necessary paperwork. But, the good news was that as soon as I walked in I saw the "Information Desk". Great.

Well, not so much.

There were two people behind the desk. One on a computer another seemed like a "floater". He kept calling out that if you were there dropping off paperwork, you could go see him. Hmmm. Well, I was technically just dropping off paperwork but did have a few questions too. So after a few people jump ahead of me, I get my chance. I start walking toward him and open up the paperwork in my hand. With almost a disgusted look on his face, he sternly tells me (almost shouting), "That's an application. You have to wait in line". Well, geeze, okay then. Back in line I go.

Now the office closes at 4pm, it's now 3:45. I'm next in line and get called up. The woman quickly starts scanning my paperwork, stamps it but then tells me pages X through X need to be completed (education level, income, etc). I tell her that the application is not for myself but for someone in my household. Long story short, she "advises" me to complete the application so it doesn't get returned for being incomplete (even though she tells me they won't need this information to process the application) and to come back at 7:45 AM any morning and wait to see someone. That way, I can ask any questions I might have at that time.

I persist about why I need to supply my personal information and she tells me, "We're the state. We have all that information and much more about you. All we have to do is press a button (on the computer) and it's all right there." So, I think, well, thank for your that most accurate vision of what feels like an invasion of my privacy. BUT, I ask, "If you have all this information, then why do I need to fill it in?".

She decides that she doesn't like my logical question. So she proceeds to "shoo" my off by telling me again to complete the application, come back, and "I'm sorry I need to take the next person" (as she pushes my paperwork towards me and motions for the next person in line to come up). OH! I'm so sorry, did my time at the "Information Desk" expire?! Oh, my apologies. I didn't realize I only had 3 minutes of your time. I'm beside myself for having taken so much of your precious time in trying to understand things I haven't a clue about.

Thanks "Information Desk".

Have you ever had this or something similar, happen to you?

Colors of Fall: Are You Traditional or Trendy?

I know. I know. Fall...really?! I can't avoid admitting I'm a tad late in presenting these wonderful beauties, created with some tools I received back in September through the blog program. (sorry artbeads!)

Our challenge: the "colors of fall" -choose traditional colors or current fashion colors from the PANTONE Fashion Color Report Fall 2010. I knew I'd never be able to choose between the two color groups so I knew from the beginning I wanted to do two separate designs.

The first design would use traditional seasonal colors in Swarovski Crystal with a seasonal flair. The second design would use colors chosen from the PANTONE Fall color palette. The two colors I chose, which are also my favs, were green (Woodbine) and purple (Purple Orchid).

So why are my designs so late? Well, in my initial design indeas, I had decided to give handstamping a whirl. Although, in honesty I didn't quite know how I was going to incorporate this into the fall theme. Then after having received my supplies, it was one interruption after another that began with needing yet another tool and (don't laugh) a fear of handstamping. At first, I figured it was no big deal, but, when it came right down to actually stamping the charms...I chickened out. Once I finally started the design process (for the necklace), you guessed it, the design changed. That caused the need for some new crystals, that I didn't have in stock (of course). So I got those and guess what? Never used them. sigh. I had begun to wonder if I changed the crystal colors as a stall to my fear of handstamping.

I finally decided to just jump in and switched gears to start the bracelet, which was to compliment the Green Grossular Garnet Gemstone Hill Tribe Leaf Pendant Necklace (N085). For the bracelet, I wanted to keep with my signature technique of beading. But, as the design progressed, it just didn't give me that "fuzzy" feeling, so I added to the design some chain and wire-wrapping in a three strand style. Then it was time for the metal stamping.

You can see at left, attempt #1 resulted in a double stamp of the fern leaf. In my very first shot at handstamping, I stamped the metal, but the image wasn't very good. So I thought the stamp was in the exact same spot and I tried again -Oops! No good. Attempt #2 turned out much better. I did end up stamping it again but this time, I got the metal stamp positioned correctly in the image impression.

Attempt #3 shows the last step of the fern leaf metal handstamped charm. The stamped image is further improved upon after having darkened it and buffed it with a pro polish pad.

The necklace, as well, evolved from a single strand where the handstamped charm was going to be the "main" charm with the acorn charm right next to it. But that seemed too simple, lacked personality and that feminine touch! So, I decided to do two strands to really showcase the beautiful handstamped tag. It took forever to come up with a 4-5 letter word that would fit on the stamping blank and be tied with the autumn season. But, as I thought about the fall time and how beautiful it is, the first thought that came to mind was a renewal of body, mind and spirit.

The dangling autumn colored Swarovski Crystals are remininscent of falling leaves (a theme in all my fall jewelry) with an acorn charm that one might find that has fallen from the tree and landed in the pathway. The sterling silver blank stamping tags at Artbeads pair perfectly with both the starter metal alphabet stamps set and fern leaf stamp.

Though my designs are late, I am very much pleased with the outcome. Thank you Artbeads!

Disclosure: As a Design Partner of, I periodically receive products, beads and/or components free of charge. I have been asked to review these products and give my honest opinion of the products...positive or negative. I have in no way been compensated by for my endorsement as it pertains to the products received and reviewed.

Ovarian Cancer Survivor Heart Bracelet (B173-OC)

The Transplant Awareness Survivor Heart Bracelet (B173-TX) has been so popular that I customized it in red for a customer in celebration of her daughter's heart transplant anniversary. I love every design I produce and especially love this design so I have begun expanding the design for other awareness causes and colors.
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Survivor Heart Bracelet (B173-OC)
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Survivor Heart Bracelet (B173-OC)

Now available at Crystal Allure Jewelry is our unique teal crystal awareness bracelet. A sparkling beaded strand of teal Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver beads and letter heart beads that read "SURVIVOR". Teal awareness bracelet measures 7-3/4" and is finished with our signature jewelry tag.

Call me unaware but I was completely surprised to learn PAP smears do not detect ovarian cancer. Then what the heck do I do them for? I know. Precaution. But still, my whole focus of doing them was because I had thought (up to today) that they detected ovarian cancer, if it existed.

How about you? Did you believe PAP smears detected ovarian cancer?

About Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian cancer has long been called “The Silent Killer”, because it usually isn’t discovered until its advanced stages. However, early-stage ovarian cancer does produce the following symptoms:

-Abdominal bloating, pressure or discomfort
-Frequent urination or gas
-Persistent nausea, indigestion, constipation or diarrhea
-Unexplained weight gain or loss
-Fatigue or backaches
-Abnormal bleeding or pain with intercourse

Listen to your body and if in doubt, see your doctor. YOU are your best advocate.

Help spread the word: Ovarian Cancer -"It Whispers -So Listen!"

Other Facts:
September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

Teal is the nationally recognized ribbon color for ovarian cancer awareness and support

A Celebration of Life: Kristen's Breathe Tattoo

A short time back I introduced Andrea and the Just Breathe wall quote from Word Decor n' More. Kristen B. left the following comment:

"I love the breathe quote. I have the word breathe tattooed on my back. Im 6 months post transplant and loving life."

At one time I too wanted to get a tattoo but since I couldn't figure out what I wanted, I never went through with it. Kristen was kind enough to share her personal Breathe tattoo with me via email. I thought it was amazing and asked her if I could highlight it on my blogs. With her blessing, I'm sharing it with you, today.

Isn't it fantastic!! I've always found tattooing to be a unique art form and find myself watching shows such as, LA Ink, with Kat Von D. I'm always drawn to the story of why an individual chose a particular tattoo. I have so many things that I'm passionate about or are special to me or that symbolize something for me, that I doubt there's enough room for all of them. :-)

Thank you to Kristen for sharing your personal tattoo with me and my readers and if you catch this post -can you share why the crown above it? What does that symbolize?


A Great Start to 2011: Just Breathe

Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone had a safe and fantastic New Year!

As a great start to 2011, I have some good news to share with you. Back in November 2010, I introduced Word Décor 'n More and the fantastic Just Breathe vinyl wall quote contest.

Today I'm excited to announce Andrea of Word Décor 'n More has generously offered to donate a portion of the net proceeds from the sale of this wall quote to the Lungs for Life Foundation!

It's a perfect collaboration of the Lungs for Life brand and this inspirational product. I am most grateful to Andrea for her generosity and look forward to a long and successful relationship.

Some of you might recall, I founded the Lungs for Life Foundation, in 2000, in memory of my oldest brother, who had cystic fibrosis and was on the waiting list for a double lung transplant. As a way to help support the mission of the Foundation and because, at the time, nothing existed like it, I began designing cystic fibrosis awareness bracelets and organ lung transplant awareness bracelets. The bracelets quickly became very popular, sold worldwide and soon after Crystal Allure Jewelry was born.

How You Can Help
You can help make this collaboration a success simply by sharing this good news with your friends, family and social network connections. And don't forget to pick up your own Just Breathe wall quote!

The Just Breathe vinyl wall quote is perfect for adorning your walls and raising awareness of organ donation and transplant to all your visitors. You can choose your preferred size and colors over at the Word Décor 'n More website.

Live every moment to its fullest!

Just Breathe...
You'll never live this moment again