A Celebration of Life: Kristen's Breathe Tattoo

A short time back I introduced Andrea and the Just Breathe wall quote from Word Decor n' More. Kristen B. left the following comment:

"I love the breathe quote. I have the word breathe tattooed on my back. Im 6 months post transplant and loving life."

At one time I too wanted to get a tattoo but since I couldn't figure out what I wanted, I never went through with it. Kristen was kind enough to share her personal Breathe tattoo with me via email. I thought it was amazing and asked her if I could highlight it on my blogs. With her blessing, I'm sharing it with you, today.

Isn't it fantastic!! I've always found tattooing to be a unique art form and find myself watching shows such as, LA Ink, with Kat Von D. I'm always drawn to the story of why an individual chose a particular tattoo. I have so many things that I'm passionate about or are special to me or that symbolize something for me, that I doubt there's enough room for all of them. :-)

Thank you to Kristen for sharing your personal tattoo with me and my readers and if you catch this post -can you share why the crown above it? What does that symbolize?



Bronson Hill Arts said...

Congratulations, Kristen! I'm not a fan of tats but I have to admit when I see an awesome one. And yours is awesome!


Azure Accessories said...

Wonderful, congratulations to Kristen!
A tattoo isn't something I would get(we are all different)but I can appreciate great work when I see it...what an amazing tattoo!


Dawn Doucette said...

I appreciate tasteful tattoos. I had one done when I was going through and exceptionally difficult time in my life 6 years ago.

I had some celtic knotwork designed by an artist. Then I had the tattoo artist put it in color on my lower back. It reminds me to stay true to myself (an irish gal through & through).

Thanks for sharing Kristen's tat. It's beautiful and for her to celebrate life is WONDERFUL!


Stephanie said...

Thanks for your comments ladies! I know tats are definately a preference thing, especially, amongst the ladies. But, I am and probably always will be fascinated by them, probably because they are another art form. ART ROCKS! :-)

Elbert said...

wow fantastic,every tattoo is so unique and may represent so different things...

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I love my tattoo. And my transplant.