Custom Crystal Transplant Awareness Earrings

One of my sweet customers, Beverly, contacted me to see if she could get a coordinating pair of earrings designed for the Organ Transplant Awareness BREATHE Bracelet (B195) that she was planning on purchasing.
Swarovski Crystal Transplant Awareness Ribbon Earrings (E272, E273)
Swarovski Crystal Transplant Awareness Earrings (E272) -and-
Swarovski Crystal Transplant Awareness Ribbon Earrings (E273)
While on the phone she asked if it was possible to also have a pair of beaded earrings designed to go with the bracelet she had already purchased, the Transplant Awareness Ribbons Bracelet (B105). Of course, I was more than happy to custom design these crystal awareness beaded earrings for her!

On the day we spoke, I just happened to be having a not so great day (you know how it goes..Murphy's law..). Well, I sent her a photo showing four sample pairs of earring design options and in her reply she said, "I would have never known that you were having a bad day, you were so pleasant and kind to talk to." A few other kind comments she made included: "you are very good to your customers", "you are just as beautiful as your jewelry is..", "I love your jewelry and will wear them with much pride..", "I am so happy thanks to you!", "you are an awesome person and so very very kind" and, "the meaning behind your awareness jewelry is so beautiful and so true!".

I am sharing all these comments with you because I am always so very grateful for each and every comment a customer sends me. Your comments guide me on how well (or maybe not so well) I am conducting business, as well as, how well received and meaningful my designs are.

BREATHE Organ Transplant Awareness Bracelet (B195-II)
BREATHE Organ Transplant Awareness Bracelet (B195-II)
As my gift to Beverly, I added a sterling silver butterfly charm to her BREATHE bracelet and here is what Beverly had to say after she received her much anticipated package of sparkling awareness jewelry:

Hello Stephanie,
I received my awesome jewelry in the mail yesterday afternoon and I just absolutely love them all! You truly did a super job on coming up with the idea of your jewelry. It's all so gorgeous and the charms on the bracelet are so adorable. I love the meaning of the butterfly, what a beautiful way to express the new lungs taking their first breath.

Well, thank you again Stephanie and thank you for keeping in touch with me. Thank you for the pen, the beautiful card you wrote and the beautiful jewelry. Obviously...the beautiful jewelry comes from a beautiful person!!! :)

Hugs and kisses to you and may God Bless you always!

Thank you ever so kindly,

You are very welcome Beverly! And thank you for your continued business. Enjoy your new designer jewelry!

I WANT ONE! Kelly Moore Bag

This was not the planned blog post for today, but once I read about a contest to win one, I simply couldn't resist sharing.

What girl does not have a personal (ok, border-line, downright, freaky) attachment to her purse/bag?! Come on now, admit know you do! Today, I was introduced to Kelly Moore Bags through the SITS blog and fell in love with the purple classic bag design (it's SO mine!). Kelly Moore bags are perfect for carrying your camera and accessories -but with a Kelly Moore bag, you do it in style!

I've had my Canon Rebel camera, oh, 3 years? And have yet to get a bag to carry it in, mainly because all the bags available looked so...well...blah. What I also think is so fab about a Kelly Moore classic bag, are the two front pockets which I'm sure will fit my new IPhone (when I get it...yes, the official count down to "I can finally upgrade my phone to an IPhone" has begun...only 39 more days).

on a side note: all this hype for getting an IPhone leaves little room for disappointment, right?!

So, I will now add a Kelly Moore purple classic bag to my wishlist (Christmas in July, did you say?!). But first, I think I'll try to win it by entering the contest over at the SITS Girls Blog. Head on over for your chance to win one FREE! If you win, come back and let me know what bag you chose. Good luck!