Christina's Custom Addison's Disease Awareness Bracelet (B196-AD)

In mid-April Christina contacted me requesting a custom addison's disease awareness bracelet.

She saw and loved our Guardian Angel Caregiver Awareness Bracelet (B196) but wanted to have it customized.

The nationally recognized ribbon color for Addison's Disease, a rare, chronic endocrine disorder, is light blue.
Christina's Custom Addison's Disease Awareness Bracelet (B196-AD)
Christina's Custom Addison's Disease Awareness Bracelet (B196-AD)

Christina really loved our caregiver beaded bracelet so much that we kept with that design and customized it with her awareness color, light blue Swarovski Crystals. I replaced the guardian angel charm with a sterling awareness ribbon charm and added a Swarovski Crystal dangle charm for an added feminine touch.

What makes this beaded bracelet and design even more special is the fact that the Swarovski Pearls just happen to also be the birthstone of the gift recipient!

What Christina had to say about her bracelets:
I just received my bracelets today and I wanted to let you know how much I loved them. I am keeping one of them for me and the other one I am giving to my niece who is 19 years old. She was diagnosed with Addisons Disease two years ago. We almost lost her. She was in the hospital for 3 weeks in an induce comma. Know one could figure out what was wrong. It was not until a doctor came in and asked my sister and brother in-law if Charlotte went to a tanning booth. They said no, and at that point he knew she had Addison. That is one of the symptoms that your skin is tan all over.

I am going to give this bracelet to Charlotte in June for her birthday. What makes it even more perfect is that her birthstone is pearl. Thank you for your time in making this a perfect gift.
You are very welcome! It was my honor to design this special bracelet for Christina and her neice, Charlotte -enjoy!

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