Custom Behcet's Disease Awareness Anklet

Back in July, Matia, contacted me to design a custom Behcet's Disease awareness anklet. Her only request was to somehow include the word "hope".

I got to work, first, on learning about behcet's disease. I had not heard of it before and I feel the more I know about a particular disease the more it inspires my designs. It's also important to me to learn what and how these diseases affect those very special people who come to Crystal Allure Jewelry with a custom beaded jewelry request. Read more about behcet's disease below.
Matia's Custom Behcet's Disease Awareness Anklet (A111)
Matia's Custom Behcet's Disease Awareness Anklet (A111)

The design uses the nationally recognized light blue color for behcet's disease in Swarovski Crystals, accented with sterling silver beads, bali spacers, small awareness ribbon bead and pearl white seed beads. The feature of this beautiful, feminine design is the personalized hand stamped HOPE charm.

Here are just some of the comments Matia shared with me about her beaded awareness anklet:
The anklet is amazing! It is so much more beautiful in person. Thank you so much!


I think it is gorgeous! I love the picture!! I can't wait to get it...thanks so much.

I'm going to tell the people on the Behcet's web group all about it.

I am blown away by how beautiful it is. Thank you so much for taking special time out to make this just for me! When one has a chronic illness, it is little things like this, little acts of kindness that keep ya going. I truly think it is absolutely beautiful. It suits me perfectly. Thanks Stephanie : )

A little about Behcet's Disease
Behcet's disease is an autoimmune disease that results from damage to blood vessels throughout the body, particularly veins. Most symptoms of the disease are caused by vasculitis (an inflammation of the blood vessels).

Behcet's disease is not contagious; it is not spread from one person to another. Behcet's disease affects each person differently.

To learn more, visit the official Behcet's Disease website.

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