Personal Stories Inspire New Designs

Everything happens for a reason.

Remember I've said this before? Well, tonight I spoke with a customer who had recently ordered our Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Bracelet (B166) -and I just had to share this conversation with you.

When this customer, Frances, placed her order, I received my typical receipts through PayPal. Except, her payment receipt came from a different email address than what was listed on the store web order. But, I didn't think anything of it because I have received those before. A lot of times, people use a different email for PayPal purchases than what they use for regular communications.

Ironically, tonight, I happened to ship Frances' order. I get home and had a message on voicemail. It was Frances. Her message said she was calling to check on the order she placed because she received a call from a stranger saying he had received an email receipt that he purchased something (but it showed her mailing address). So, I log onto both my online store and PayPal account -everything looks in order -except the fact that this other persons email is somehow associated with my customers' PayPal account.

I give Frances a call and check whether she logged into PayPal or just paid with a credit card. She clarifies that she had logged into her account, but what she proceeds to tell me next, is just too beautiful not to share. She reiterates that she received a call from this stranger, who identified himself and tells her he received an email that said he purchased this bracelet but showed her mailing address. France tells him she doesn't know why that is but that she will call the company (Crystal Allure Jewelry) and check things out.

She is about to say goodbye and this gentleman says, "The weather down here in Texas's the weather up in New Jersey?"

This small inquiry begins a conversation between the two. Frances shares that she recently lost her mother (to Alzheimer's) and this gentleman replies that his wife is in the end stages of her life....and she too is dying of Alzheimer's. They converse for a short time longer and before hanging up, this gentleman tells her, "If for some reason this bracelet is charged to me but gets shipped to you -do not send me the money for it. You keep it as a gift from me."

At that point, there was a pause in our conversation and during the brief pause, I connected all the 'ironies' that have occurred with the simple act of Frances placing an order with Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Designs.

I was in awe. I was inspired. My heart was filled. I felt good and I felt connected to both these individuals. I then spoke and I told Frances, "From what I can tell, everything with your order is okay except for this email mixup. I can't explain why PayPal tied this email with your account but I can say, I believe everything happens for a reason and you two were meant to speak to each other."

It fills my heart to know a simple jewelry purchase has connected together these two people. Before we hang up, Frances tells me to 'pass it on' (this story). After speaking with Frances tonight, our conversation 're-framed' my perspective of the day and has even inspired a new handmade beaded bracelet design (stay tuned for the design announcement).

I hope after reading this, you will remember this story when the coming holidays get stressful; you're having to deal with hectic and hurried holiday shoppers; you're having a bad day at work; feeling a financial pinch or feeling a deep emotional loss. And believe -everything happens for a reason.


Azure Accessories said...

What a wonderful story Stephanie...two people connecting through in such a way is amazing!

Thanks for sharing this heart warming story...

Anonymous said...

that brought tears to my eyes! thank you for sharing that story! there is a reason those 2 were brought together, warms my heart!

The Beading Gem said...

What a touching story! And proof that things do happen for a reason.