Live to Give Organ Donation Bracelet (B207) for National Donate Life Month

It's been five months since the last blog post?! That's crazy! Although, the reality is, life has been a bit crazy the last year and it's been work to try to nail down a revised life and business schedule that accomplishes all. (super-woman still exists, right?) But, behind the scenes, the sparkling work of jewelry design continues!

The events of the past year have given way to much more thought about my late brother and how life would have been had he made it to lung transplant. They are fleeting thoughts, at best, since you cannot change what is -but none the less, I do allow myself to wonder sometimes.

Just the other day I read a news story about a New York woman who donated her kidney to help her boss move up the kidney transplant waiting list. Only to be devastated later by being let go from her job. The choice to become an organ donor is (1) not easy and (2) not to be taken lightly. But, the reward of knowing you've helped someone with a second chance at life, supersedes (in my opinion) all else.
Live to Give Organ Donation Awareness Bracelet (B207)
Live to Give Organ Donation Awareness Bracelet (B207)
Today I ask you to consider becoming an organ donor. Before deciding yes or no, I would ask that you become thoroughly educated on the subject and that includes knowing the statistics. The number of people who die each year while waiting to receive their second chance at life is staggering. You have the choice, while living, to make a difference for someone, after you are gone.

April is National Donate Life Month and to help raise awareness for the need of donated organs, I am happy to introduce, not only a new jewelry category of handmade beaded bracelets in support of Organ Donation Awareness, but also a new bracelet design.

Whether you are a living donor or wish to honor someone who has made the selfless decision to donate their organs, our Exclusive Live to Give Organ Donation Awareness Bracelet (B207) is a wonderful sentiment.

Designed with our signature green Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver beads, Bali and letter blocks that read, "Live to Give". Finished with a sterling silver awareness ribbon charm and our signature jewelry tag. You can customize this awareness bracelet a little more by selecting either a butterfly charm (symbolizing lung transplant) or a heart charm (for a heart transplant) at checkout.

This April please consider becoming a much needed organ donor. And thank you to all those who have elected to be an organ donor or who have donated organs to those waiting.

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