Amy's Custom Polycythemia Vera Awareness Bracelet (B188-CPVD)

Amy was very close to her father, who sadly had recently passed away from polycythemia vera, a rare blood cancer disorder.

In her search to find a bracelet that would raise awareness, honor her father and be beautiful at the same time, Amy discovered Crystal Allure Jewelry.

She contacted me for a custom awareness bracelet which we personalized with elements that mattered most to her. Amy had fallen in love with our beautiful and very popular Swarovski Crystal Pearl Mommy Bracelet (B188) but wanted to have it read "daddy" in sterling letter blocks.
Amy's Custom Polycythemia Vera Awareness Bracelet (B188-CPVD)
Amy's Custom Polycythemia Vera Awareness Bracelet (B188-CPVD)

Amy's custom awareness bracelet was designed with both red and orange awareness Swarovski Crystals representing polycythemia vera awareness, accented with luminous aurora borealis Swarovski Crystals (her dad's birthstone), eternal love knot rings, sterling silver beads and letter beads for "Daddy". Finished with a sterling silver guardian angel pearl charm, awareness ribbon and our signature jewelry tag.

About Polycythemia Vera:
Polycythemia vera is a bone marrow disease that leads to an abnormal increase in the number of blood cells (primarily red blood cells).

It is a rare disease that occurs more often in men than women, and is rare in patients under age 40. It is usually associated with a gene mutation called JAK2V617F. The cause of this mutation is unknown.

Read a few of Amy's comments on her custom bracelet:
Hello Stephanie, I have enjoyed my bracelet now for a week. I wear it every, love it!! It turn out very pretty I truely do like it.. you did a wonderful job! Thank you and I'll talk to you soon. :)

I can't wait to get it. :) Thank you so much for doing this for me it means the world to me I will treasure it for ever!!! Thanks!! And may God Bless you. :)

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