Prevent Animal Cruelty Orange Paw Crystal Anklet (A118)

June is National Adopt A Shelter Cat Awareness Month.

Personally, I believe pet adoption should be your first option. All my pets have been rescues, even as a child. And each one has brought happiness and something unique to my life.

There are many health benefits of pet ownership*, pets can decrease your:
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Triglyceride levels
  • Feelings of loneliness
They can also increase your:
  • Opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities
  • Opportunities for socialization
Many shelters are running adoption specials this month, especially on cats. But, please, before you adopt, make sure you can make the full commitment of pet ownership and will honestly make the commitment.
Prevent Animal Cruelty Orange Paw Crystal Awareness Anklet (A118)
Orange Prevent Animal Cruelty Awareness Anklet (A118)
Crystal Red Aventurine Gemstone Beaded Anklet
In January 2010, I introduced a new collection of Swarovski Crystal Animal Awareness Bracelets to support spaying-neutering your pet to help reduce pet overpopulation, prevention of animal abuse and the prosecution of abusers. A percentage of the proceeds is donated to applicable charities and/or programs.

Recently added to this collection is the Prevent Animal Cruelty Orange Paw Crystal Awareness Anklet (A118), designed with orange crystals and red aventurine gemstone beads (the awareness color representing prevention of animal cruelty). With this 10-1/2" beaded anklet, not only are you raising awareness but you will also be a fashionista!

Pantone has named Tangerine Tango (orange) as the color of the year (2012) and orange is also the nationally recognized color for raising awareness of Animal Abuse and Cruelty.

Help save an animal's life and reap all the benefits of pet ownership -adopt a shelter cat (or pet) today!

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce two of our rescue shelter cats. Meet Doodie and Ralphie (aka Mushie Man).

As with all pets, ours were named for their personalities. Doodie, a domestic short-haired tiger cat, was actually named Lucky and indeed he was. He was scheduled to be euthanized but somehow got out of his cage and hide in a dog's cage for three days. When the shelter found him, they felt he was special and they contacted a no-kill shelter to take him in.

Doodie got his name from, well, his stomach problems. When he was wasn't pretty. But, he fought against the odds and today he is a little stinker (and I mean that in a cute way!).

Ralphie is our black and white tuxedo cat. He was actually already in a no-kill shelter when we adopted him and he was raised from kittenhood by the woman we adopted him from. For the record, tuxedo cats, their breed usually means they will have weight issues, so they take a little extra care to not become obese. In the picture below, he just looks much bigger because he is laying next to petite Doodie. He gets his nickname, Mushie Man, because he's such a lover!
Shelter Pets Adopted by Crystal Allure Jewelry Designer
Doodie (far left); Doodie and Ralphie
In the first picture, Doodie looks like he's getting his inner crank on. Nice face! In the second picture, my second oldest niece said it looked like Doodie was, well, passing gas. Is this interpretation something similar to 'what shape is that cloud'? And well, given his stomach issues, he just may have!

I'm a little late in sharing this important blog post and introducing you to some of our sweet adopted cats. It's been a busy week and after today's work day, seemed an appropriate post to show the value of animals and pets. And I must admit, my mind has been elsewhere, seems like for weeks, but my focus kind of got away from me this week. But, thanks to my friends and a few of my readers for the kick nudge (in the email)!


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