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Big Bend Overlook -Letchworth State Park
Warning: This blog post is very photo intensive.

Recently the family and I took a day trip to our local Letchworth State Park, purely for the scenery. Of course, I forgot my good camera so all the pictures provided were taken with my IPhone.

After the 40 minute or so drive, the first place we stopped and checked out was Big Bend Overlook. There were a couple of falcons floating around but the camera wasn't good enough to get a shot of them. That's quite the drop there, isn't it?!

The drive alone through the park was well worth the drive time to get there. You might recall my What I Love About Fall blog post last year, just after I joined SITSgirls (which I haven't done much with since the beginning of the year). I haven't quite found any comparison to Letchworth in the fall season -they, by far knock out any competition for beauty and leaf peeping!

The next stop on our mini road trip was to check out the lower falls. We briefly stopped at the Footbridge Nature Gift Shop and the kind woman there told us we'd have to climb down the stairs.

Pictured to the left are the stairs. What she didn't tell us is there are 127 stairs! Ok, no problem. Down we go. It was a nice scenic "stroll".

Kids loved it. Hmm..they must have gotten a crazy amount of sleep last night. We have to keep telling them to stop and wait for us to catch up. Or was it that we were just slowwwwer? No matter. Throw a flying bug statement in, here and there, and we're golden. They run back for safety. ;-)

It briefly runs through my mind. We climbed down 127 stairs...that means we gotta climb back up. Maybe there is an escalator? You think? Where is the emergency route?

After the descent, we spent quite a bit of time at the lower falls. So much beauty to take in. Although I will note here that as I looked around, I asked the question of my husband, "surely, there are other ladies carrying their Vera handbags here, right?!". I got the look. Guess that answered that. :-)

We come upon another set of stairs -really?! The mist from the falls is trashing my hair! Did I mention I really am a nature girl? Well, I am. As in, glamping. Yes, camping (roughing it) I will no longer do. However, give me a fully equiped glamper (glamour camper) and I'm in!! Here's some sweet shots from the lower falls:
No. I did not count these stairs.

Another shot of the stairs and falls. Wait! What's that blip in the lower right side of the photo?
Ahhh! That would be the little one enjoying a nice cool ICEE on a hot day!
A resting dragonfly on the lower falls brick wall. Or maybe it was taking a light mist shower!
We spent a great deal of time at the lower falls -and still had to tackle the stairs back to the top. We survived. Clearly. Or else you wouldn't be reading this blog post. :-)

Our last stop was at, I believe, the visitor center gift shop. I was on the hunt for something, which I didn't find. However, while climbing the small number of stairs (yes! more stairs) to the building. We happened to catch in the garden a very un-timid little chipmunk. We ohhh'd a ahhh'd and he continued on with his business. But, he only allowed one photo op. Anything more and it'd probably cost me.

We all know, had the little guy thought we'd give him food and he came towards us, it would have been chaos with two girls running and screaming for their lives. Cause that cute lil' fuzzy guy would have, in their eyes, turned into a jungle lion -for sure. Really. I kid you not. Girls.

Our lovely day ended, with two very tired kids (yea!!) and dinner out at a lovely family restaurant -complete with a bunch of gigling, tired, silly people! It was a good day, had by all.

We will definately go back to see the rest of the park. For sure in the fall for some great leaf peeping. Until then...

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