Howlite Turquoise December Birthstone Earrings (EBG111)

December Birthstone: The Love Charm -Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Creations
December's birthstone is a turquoise gemstone which is regarded as a love charm and a symbol of good fortune and success. Turquoise is believed to relax the mind and protect its' wearer from harm. Turquoise rings, in particular, are thought to keep away evil spirits.

If you are looking for a little more sparkle in your birthstone jewelry, the blue zircon Swarovski Crystal is the birthstone for you.
December Birthstone: Howlite Turquoise Gemstone Earrings EBG111
December Birthstone Earrings
Howlite Turquoise Gemstone Earrings (EBG111)
These lovely petite handmade gemstone earrings feature delicate howlite turquoise teardrops individually wire wrapped to sterling silver ear hooks. Length is a dainty 3/4" from the bottom of the ear wire.

Genuine fine turquoise is both beautiful and rare. For these reasons, there is much more demand than there are stones, making it costly to use in jewelry design. An affordable turquoise substitute is howlite turquoise which is dyed to be the preferred turquoise color of robin's egg blue.

Howlite is opaque and either white or grey with grey, black or dark brown veins running through it. The howlite gemstone has a veining pattern that is very similar to (but not identical with) the matrix of turquoise. It is a porous stone, just like turquoise, making it easy to take on dye color. Howlite's porous nature makes it the perfect imitator stone and has often been mistaken for genuine turquoise, red coral and even lapis lazuli.

For these reasons, many jewelry designers will use howlite turquoise in their designs making the pieces much more affordable and wallet friendly. The beauty of howlite turquoise is that it has the color of turquoise, but the stones are howlite.

Word identification: matrix = veining (in a gemstone)

Patricia's Custom Heart Transplant Survivor Bracelet

Jessica contacted me because she was interested in our Red Heart Transplant Awareness Survivor Bracelet (B173-HRT).

She was looking for a special bracelet to gift to her Aunt Patricia, who just received a life saving transplant. After discussing her options, Jessica decided on having a custom beaded survivor bracelet designed to honor and celebrate her aunt.

As an artist, it's difficult to put into words how a design will just come to mind, simply by conversing with the customer. I will generally gather some basic information on what they desire in the design (or don't desire), if there are any special colors, symbols or words they'd like to see in the design -and it is during these conversations that a design will just begin to form in my mind.
Patricia's Custom Heart Transplant Survivor Bracelet (BA218)

Patricia's Custom Red Heart Transplant Survivor Bracelet (BA218)

For all the custom jewelry designs I've created, I believe only once did I change/tweak the design a little more to accommodate the customers' wishes. I am always so overjoyed when a customer is thrilled with their own personalized bracelet!

While talking with Jessica, what came to mind was a design idea that I have not used in all the years I've been creating. I was inspired to create a heart charm near the center of the design, instead of at the clasp which is where I generally place charms -and the final design was perfect!
Petite Sterling Silver Red Crystal Drop Earrings
Petite Sterling Silver Red Crystal Drop Earrings

Along with Patricia's Custom Red Heart Transplant Survivor Bracelet (BA218), I included a sweet pair of petite red Swarovski Crystal drop earrings to match.

As with all my awareness jewelry designs, they serve the purpose of raising awareness. Did you know? Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women and is more deadly than all forms of cancer*. That's a scary statistic ladies!

You can help raise awareness of heart disease in women and make a difference simply by sharing this blog post. And let's make this beautiful heart awareness bracelet the most pinned over on Pinterest!

Reference: Go Red Campaign from the American Heart Association

Custom Pumpkin Lampwork Beaded Keychains Gift Set

The beauty of my job, as a jewelry designer, is that I get to design unique handmade creations, for special people, that will be cherished for years to come. Each of my custom pieces are infused with memories, special moments and meaning.

You may remember The Great Beaded Pumpkin Zipper Pulls Charms post, where I shared the inspiration for our Halloween Pumpkin Crystal Lampwork Beaded Keychain (K103) was another artisan's pumpkin drawing.

This dear friend has a heart of gold and is always thinking of others. She wanted the original design and requested three additional custom pumpkin beaded keychains, to give as handmade gifts to her three step-daughters, which she considers as her own precious daughters.

You know the saying:
You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family.
Barb's Custom Pumpkin Lampwork Beaded Key Chains (K103)
Barb's Custom Pumpkin Lampwork Beaded Keychains (K103)

Over the years, the three siblings have agreed and disagreed on many things. When one sibling stands against the rest for what ever reason, hearts are bound to feel hurt. These disagreements led the siblings to sometimes forget the true meaning of family.

Barb was witness to how this discord had affected the three siblings' relationship and it broke her heart. Knowing that "pumpkin" was a nickname given to her oldest daughter, Tori, as a baby, she knew these would make perfect personalized gifts and symbols of what is important -family.

Barb gifted each of the girls with one Custom Pumpkin Lampwork Beaded Keychain and kept one for herself. The gift to the girls was to be a reminder they will always be family and they should stick together. The fourth key ring remained with Barb as a symbol to all three girls that she is always there for them -through thick and thin.

Enjoying the Beauty of Autumn and Handmade Crafts

This past weekend I enjoyed not only the company of a good friend but also the beauty of autumn, in what can only be described as the perfect place for leaf peeping -Letchworth State Park in Castile, New York.

Columbus Day weekend is traditionally when the annual Arts and Crafts Show is held at Letchworth. It's a great event to kick start your holiday shopping with over 300 vendors. We should have left a little earlier for this short trip because we were only there a couple of hours and didn't even get to see all the vendors. Now that's a shame! Lol.
Letchworth State Park Fall 2014. Photo Credits: Crystal Allure Jewelry

It's nice sometimes to be a shopper at a craft show, rather than a vendor. I love to see all the great handmade items these talented artists create. The crafts are amazing and I truly love that they are all handcrafted, it makes any purchase I do make even better.

Along my way, I would grab the business card of the artisans that I wanted to look up later. Here's my filtered list of interesting artisans to check out:
  • Adorable black cat artwork from The Cranky Cat Collection by Cynthia Schmidt. I just love that fluffy black cat!!.
  • Felted purses, cowls and mittens from recycled materials from Trendy Wendy Handbags by Wendy Stout, In fact, I did purchase a pair of super warm wool mittens from Wendy. Although my skin can't handle wool to well, the beauty of these mittens were the wool was on the outside and soft, fleece was the inside of the mitten -perfect!
  • Laura Regatuso of Snowflakes and Flowers creates absolutely stunning artwork and crafts using the method of quilling. Her intricate designs are just amazing! I'll be getting in touch with her as I saw a few things I wanted to get as Christmas gifts. Update: Since this introduction, I had contacted Laura about a product I wished to purchase and unfortunately, have learned their customer service is not so great. I've decided not to purchase from them.
  • There were some fabulous glass artists, as well. But sadly, I didn't grab their business card and wish I did because they had beautiful glass pumpkins (and I love pumpkins!).
It was a day well spent with a great friend and we closed the day with a meal from my fav restaurant near her house -actually it was breakfast for dinner. Does anyone else do this (eat breakfast for dinner)?

Caramel Latte Mother of Pearl Coffee Charm Bracelet (B193)

I can't believe I missed National Coffee Day on September 29, 2014!

As an avid coffee-lover this is just unacceptable! lol.

Those of you who know me, know I love me some Starbucks coffee. And enjoying a good cup of coffee with a friend, makes it twice as nice.
Mother of Pearl Caramel Latte Coffee Crystal Charm Bracelet (B193)
Crystal Allure Mother of Pearl Caramel Latte Coffee Charm Bracelet (B193)
Meeting a friend for coffee at the cafe is pretty much equivalent to a therapy session. The only difference is your copay is your coffee (yes!) and your therapist is your friend (and she is not taking notes!). Our friends see us through the good times, tough times, marriage, (and unfortunately if it happens) divorce, child rearing, pet loss (thanks for your support Barb!!), the list is endless.

It was after just one of those coffee conversations with a friend that inspired this delicious crystal handmade beaded bracelet.

My friends are an important part of my life and this bracelet celebrates that bond we share together. In fact, there are a few bracelets, celebrating friendship, available at Crystal Allure Jewelry in designs that offer a modern update to the typical embroidery floss friendship bracelets. They are grown up styles -and they sparkle!

The Caramel Latte Mother of Pearl Crystal Coffee Charm Bracelet (B193) features shades of caramel mocha in Swarvoski Crystals paired with creamy Mother of Pearl beads, sterling silver beads, Bali and a sweet sterling silver coffee cup charm. Bracelet measures 8".

What do you most cherish about your friend(s)? Leave a comment below.

Flight of Life Butterfly Transplant Awareness Necklace (NA104)

October raises awareness of many causes that include Breast Cancer, Depression, Mental Illness and Red Ribbon Week -to name a few.

As well, October is National Healthy Lung Month which is sponsored by the American Lung Association. The goal is to increase awareness of steps we can take to maintain healthy lungs.

Our lungs are amazing organs! They are affected by anything we breathe in and although our body has a defense system in place designed to protect our lungs, there are things we can do to reduce our risk of lung disease:

1. Don't smoke! Cigarette smoking is a major cause of COPD, lung cancer and it destroys lung tissue.
2. Avoid exposure to pollutants that can damage your lungs such as secondhand smoke, outdoor air pollution and chemicals/bad air in both the home and at work.
3. You can prevent infections simply by washing your hands, getting a flu vaccine and brushing your teeth.
Flight of Life Butterfly Transplant Awareness Necklace (NA104)
Flight of Life Butterfly Transplant Awareness Necklace (NA104)

Unfortunately, for some, even taking these preventative measures cannot save their lungs. For example, those with Cystic Fibrosis were born with the lung disease. No matter what precautions they take their lungs will eventually deteriorate to the point that they will need a lung transplant. That doesn't mean they shouldn't still take these precautions because they should still do anything they can to protect their lungs, for as long as they can.

So, for me, Healthy Lung Month and Transplant go hand in hand. Which is why I created the Flight of Life Butterfly Transplant Awareness Necklace (NA104)! Not only does it raise awareness of healthy lungs, it represents the importance of organ donation and giving the Gift of Life.

This inspiring handmade beaded necklace was designed for all those who are organ donors, transplant recipients and lung transplant survivors. The 17-1/2" necklace features a beautiful sterling silver 30.15mm butterfly pendant (symbolizing life) with a full beaded strand of gorgeous green marble seraphinite gemstones, white Swarovski Pearls (hope) and sterling silver beads. Not only is green the nationally recognized ribbon color for Organ Donation and Transplant, it's also the awareness color for Healthy Lung Month!

Did you know? It has been said when lungs are transplanted and take their first breath, it's like a butterfly opening its' wings. A beautiful symbol for what can only be described as a beautiful -life saving -event. That is why the Butterfly is a Symbol of Lung Transplant.

Looking for more handmade Butterfly Awareness products? Check out Bronson Hill Arts handcrafted Flights of Life Butterfly Notecards, in support of Lungs for Life.

Today I Wear Gray and Say Goodbye

This post has absolutely nothing to do with jewelry and as a rule, I tend not to talk about too many personal things. But I thought maybe writing about our sweet kitty would help to heal from this great loss I feel. And maybe it would help someone else who might have a similar situation.

On September 30, 2014 I had to say goodbye to my beloved Sweetie Pie. He was still so young at only 10 years old. My husband and I adopted both him and his brother (Cookie Toe) from a local shelter. We were told they had found their way there, with their mom, when their previous owners turned them in. If I recall correctly it was because they had too many pets? Neither were neutered and sadly, it looked like their mom was pregnant again.

We had gone to the local shelter every weekend for a number of weeks looking for the cat who would best fit in our home. One the day we made the decision to adopt these two brothers, it was Cookie Toe who had stuck his paw through the cage wires to grab my hair..and ultimately get my attention.

The beauty of these two were they looked almost exactly alike except Sweetie Pie is gray and his brother, Cookie Toe is all black. They both have this little white patch on their chests. They sat in their cage together with their mom in the cage next to them. While Cookie Toe was meowing at me and not getting my attention, he then decided to grab my hair. When I looked up to pet him, I saw this brother Sweetie Pie, sitting in the litter box (that was a silly place to decide to lay). I said to Cookie Toe, "are you my baby"? And as if on cue, he meowed right back while looking me directly in the eyes.

It was quite the decision to make because we were initially only looking to adopt one cat. But, looking at the both of them, we knew, if we only adopted one and the other was not adopted....well, you know the possibility. So, that day we completed our paperwork to adopt both!

Our Gray Cat Sweetie Pie. Photo Credits: Crystal Allure Jewelry

There are so many stories I can share of the goofy Sweetie Pie, like how he would bounce along the floor like a rocking horse -which was his way to telling you to play with him, or how you could use the yellow feather on the rod and get him jumping for it at heights that were unbelievable. He also had this fascination with a pair of my fun slipper socks that had small stuffed frog faces on them. One day one of the socks turned up missing. Come to find out Sweetie Pie decided he liked the frog so he took the sock as his toy! From that day forward I just cut off the frog faces and gave both to him as a toy. He loved those frogs! He would carry them all around the house in his mouth! Silly Sweetie Pie! :-)

Sadly in 2012, Sweetie Pie was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma (intestinal cancer). We were devastated. Prior to the diagnosis his weight had gone down to just a little more than 5 pounds. It pained us greatly to see him suffering. Our fantastic veterinarian performed surgery to remove the mass that had grown at the intersection of his esophagus and intestine -which had prevented food from getting to his stomach. After surgery she educated us on his prognosis.

We were told this type of cancer in cats was not a good one. Ultimately, he would be on borrowed time. There was the option to do radiation therapy but he would have to endure the discomfort of the therapy and there were no statistics that showed this therapy worked, for this type of cancer. So, we opted to not do the therapy and let him enjoy the last months or years of his life.

Sweetie Pie's recovery from the surgery was absolutely phenomenal. He went back up to a healthy weight, his spunky, quirky, goofy personality was back. He was running around playing and enjoying life to the fullest! Over time, he did gain a little too much weight. We think he was making up for lost time. :-)

But, something changed around early Spring, mid-Summer this year. Throughout this time and into Autumn, I noticed his weight just didn't look right. It looked like he had a football, laying sideways, in his mid-section.

I took him in just two days ago because of his weight, he had refused food since late last week and overall he just looked unhappy. He had an x-ray done and it was discovered he had a lot of fluid in his stomach (hence the odd shaped weight he was carrying), as well as, some fluid in his lungs. He also had a low temperature and was slightly anemic. I was heartbroken.

An ultrasound was scheduled for the next day to see what was causing the fluid buildup. However, I spent that evening researching the information I was given and I also spent the next day with him and had the opportunity to really watch him. It was very apparent what we really needed to do.

At the ultrasound appointment, we declined that service but asked that he be re-checked by a vet because I had noticed his breathing was really shallow and labored, he seemed unresponsive to what was going on around him, he was even more wobbly on his feet and more.

While the vet talked to us, Sweetie Pie was given a warming bed and some tender loving care. Armed with additional information about how sick he was, his heart was weak, his low temp was dangerously low...we made the heartbreaking decision to help Sweetie Pie to Rainbow Bridge so he didn't suffer anymore. :-(

I've cried for two days and know that time heals all wounds. At this time I am still so immensely sad, however, I will say CANCER SUCKS!!

Goodbye my sweet, sweet, Sweetie Pie. We LOVE YOU dearly. We hope you are running around and playing with your kitty friends, brothers and sisters.

And thank you, in advance, to all the readers who have chosen to allow me this moment of sadness on the blog and to offer words of comfort. Hug your little fur-babies a little tighter today -and everyday.

Black Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Bracelet (B117)

We may be approaching the first day of Autumn (officially September 23, 2014), but just because fall is here does not mean we should stop thinking about sun protection.

The American Cancer Society estimates about 76,100 will be diagnosed with melanoma in the United States for 2014; with approximately 9,710 of those diagnosed, expected to die of melanoma. In both instances, the statistics are significantly higher for women than men.

What can we do to protect ourselves? Protect. Protect. Protect.
Black Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Bracelet (B117)
Black Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Bracelet (B117)
One of a Kind
Use sunscreen everyday -even on cloudy days. You should especially use sunscreen on babies and children. And don't forget your face. There are many face sunscreens to choose from these days, including formulas for those with sensitive skin. Take your protection one step further and don a pair of UV sunglasses (your eyes will thank you!). Lastly, try not to spend large amounts of time out in the sun when it is at its' hottest, usually between 1:00-3:00 pm; and please don't use tanning beds! :-)

To help raise awareness of the dangers of skin cancer, I've created a one-of-a-kind Melanoma Skin Cancer Awareness Bracelet (B117). This 7-3/4" handmade beaded bracelet combines coin-shaped black tourmalinated quartz gemstones, white Swarovski Pearls (HOPE), .925 Bali beads, sterling silver awareness ribbon charm and our signature jewelry tag.

Black is the nationally recognized color raising awareness of melanoma skin cancer.

The tourmalinated quartz is a stunning gemstone in a clear to milky quartz with needles or rutiles of black tourmaline throughout. As a healing crystal, tourmalinated quartz restores balance to the body, mind and spirit; heals scars and lesions both in the body and on the skin. It reduces anxiety, stress, and depression.

You can see the beauty of these gemstones in the Tourmalinated Quartz Gemstone Pearl Beaded Watch (W10).

Shark Week Inspired Jewelry Designs That Are Nothing To Be Afraid of!

Although the official Shark Week 2014 has ended, for shark enthusiasts the frenzy (pun intended!) continues long after. I'll be the first to admit I'm completely fascinated with sharks. Scared as heck by them, but totally fascinated. Which is a good (and very logical reason) why I won't swim any where I can't see the bottom! LOL

It shouldn't be too far-fetched then to see where the inspiration came from for a few of my beaded jewelry creations. Inspired by the crystal blue ocean water, the deep sea and what lies beneath. The focal of the Blue Artisan Lampwork Crystal Necklace (N124-B) is a mesmerizing handmade glass button pendant of swirling blue colors. It reminds of the ocean, swirling waves and...sharks! Complementing the artisan pendant are two different blue Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver, Bali beads and silver-lined seed beads that sparkle like the surface of the water and waves on a sunny day.

Pair with this beach inspired necklace the Deep Blue Circle Crystal Beaded Earrings (E261), see below for purchase information. A stylish and contemporary pair of handmade beaded earrings featuring a blue ombre' effect. The sterling silver circles are meant to mimic the bubbles in the water while the blue Swarovski Crystals lead from a crystal clear blue surface to the deep blue ocean floor.

Blue Artisan Lampwork Crystal Necklace (N124-B) and Deep Blue Circle Crystal Beaded Earrings (E261)

If you love this set, you might want to check out the Green Artisan Lampwork Crystal Necklace (N124-G) too. It's a beautiful sea green in Swarovski Crystals and a handmade one of a kind original.

Deep Blue Circle Crystal Beaded Earrings (E261)
Deep Blue Circle Crystal Beaded Earrings (E261)
A stylish and contemporary pair of handmade beaded earrings featuring a blue sapphire ombre' effect. Like bubbles in water, sterling silver circle rings showcase a light sapphire, to sapphire to deep sapphire diamond shaped trio of sparkling Swarovski Crystals. Finished with sterling silver french hook ear wires. Length is 1" from the bottom of the ear wire.

What is the Awareness Ribbon Color for my Cause?

Awareness Ribbons Chart Wheel | Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry
On a Facebook group that I belong to, someone asked the question, "Does anyone know the color ribbon for lung transplant?" I was actually surprised to see many responses that were either guesses or just not the correct color. The conversation then expanded into other related diseases and the awareness color for them.

Having designed awareness jewelry for the past ten years, I have become quite familiar with awareness colors and their disease designations. What better inspiration for personalized jewelry than just about any color imaginable!

I thought this was the perfect topic to blog about because it is such an important one. I'll review some of the awareness ribbon colors for the diseases/causes mentioned and then also provide some links to related articles. First, I'll address the question and then I will address two myths that came up during this discussion.

So what awareness ribbon color represents transplant? The nationally recognized color for transplant is GREEN. Appropriately, green is also the awareness color for organ donation -which really makes sense because these two things do go hand-in-hand. To further expand on transplant awareness, did you know the butterfly is the national symbol for lung transplant.

Myth #1:
Awareness ribbon colors represent diseases only.

Actually, that may have been the belief of a small number of individuals back when awareness ribbons first came into popularity. However, today, awareness ribbon colors represent causes, as well. The point behind awareness ribbons and the wearing of them is to RAISE AWARENESS of a particular cause or disease. In fact, many different causes and diseases can belong to the same color.

Although this is not always the case, but, typically colors are designated by the cause or reason for the need or desire to raise awareness. Take for example, the yellow ribbon. This color ribbon became synonymous with troop and military support. How did it become the designation for this cause? The wife of a war hostage tied them around trees to raise awareness and bring attention to his release. Her actions resonated with many people across the world and the color yellow quickly became nationally recognized for raising awareness of troop and military support.

Ever wondered about the History of the Awareness Ribbon?

Myth #2:
An awareness color is set because it is the brand color of the related charity or organization.

It is likely any charity may take a nationally recognized awareness color and adopt it as their brand color. One such organization is Lungs for Life. They serve both the cystic fibrosis and the transplant communities and as such, have adopted the purple and green awareness colors for their brand.

However, it is less likely to be the case that a color became nationally accepted because a charity used it in their brand and marketing efforts. Truth be told, there are so many causes, diseases/illnesses that affect so many people -it's highly unlikely these days that a color has not already been designated.

From my past experience, I've come across the following two examples:
1) The color purple is nationally accepted and recognized as the awareness color for Cystic Fibrosis. Yet, a small percentage of people think blue represents the awareness color for CF. They believe this because the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's brand color is blue. All this means is if they happen to purchase CF awareness products that are blue, they are simply supporting only the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation mission.

2) The colors red and blue are nationally recognized and accepted as the awareness colors for Pulmonary Fibrosis. In fact, with this particular disease, there is a touching story behind why those colors are nationally recognized. But, some believe the color is teal and that is because the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation has adopted teal as their brand color. Again, any awareness products in teal for PF are supporting only that charity and their mission.

Following a charities brand color as raising awareness for any cause, with probably the exception of Pink, can really limit: the power of a donors' dollars; the effectiveness of a volunteers' precious time; as well, it could limit the resources a cause recipient might benefit from.

There is no shortage of information (or opinions) on awareness colors. Some causes/diseases have adopted many colors for the different disease sub-groups. You can see this with cancer and the many cancer subsets. For this reason, I have published a Guide to Cancer Awareness Colors. I hope you find it helpful!

If I didn't mention your cause or disease in this post, feel free to read our jewelry articles on Awareness Colors and Meanings and Awareness Ribbons by Cause Color for a more comprehensive article on nationally recognized awareness ribbon color(s).

Feel free to revisit these articles, from time to time, as I am always updating the information contained in them. I'd love to hear what cause you support! Leave a comment below.

Famous Gems: The Rosser Reeves Star Ruby

Famous Gems and Beaded Jewelry: The Rosser Reeves Star Ruby
The Rosser Reeves Star Ruby
Image: Smithsonian
The Rosser Reeves Ruby is one of the world's largest star rubies at a whopping 138.7-carats! This famous ruby originated in Sri Lanka and was actually 140-carats when it first reached London and remained with an anonymous buyer until the early 1950s.

It wasn't until 1953 when Robert Fisher of New York purchased the heavily scratched star ruby. Fisher had the stone restored to its original beauty, however, a few carats were sacrificed in the cutting/repolishing process.

But, even at 138.7-carats the Rosser Reeves Ruby still places amongst the largest star rubies in the world. The next largest red star ruby is the 100.32-carat DeLong Star Ruby.

Rosser Reeves purchased the star ruby in the late 1950s, but did not have the ruby set in beaded jewelry. Rather, he liked the stone so much he carried it around with him everywhere under the belief that it was a lucky stone and even referred to it as his 'baby'. Typically, it is believed your birthstone is a lucky stone for you, so it was interesting that Reeves, born in September, carried this July birthstone around instead.

The Rosser Reeves Ruby is renowned for its excellent color and well defined, six-rayed asterism (star pattern). The star forms naturally when titanium atoms are trapped within the growing corundum crystal. As the crystal cools, the titanium forms minute needle-like crystals of rutile mineral, which position themselves in three directions within the stone.

As is the case with the Rosser Reeves Ruby, the stone was properly cut (or rather, re-cut), as to have the star centered. When the star is centered properly in these rare stones, the light enters and reflects off the three sets of needles to produce the six-ray star pattern (as seen in the image above).

The Rosser Reeves Star Ruby was never placed in a beaded jewelry setting and fifteen years later in 1965, Reeves donated the stone to the Smithsonian Institute, where it resides today.

July's Birthstone: Firecracker Red Ruby

July Birthstone: Firecracker Red -Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Creations
July's birthstone is ruby.

Given that July is host to the all-American 4th of July celebrations -you could say the July born are just like firecrackers!

Equally so, this red gemstone was named for one of Rome's biggest historical firecrackers, the dictator Julius Caesar, who died in a pool of his own blood. A rich blood red, the ruby is said to contain such heat that dropping it in a glass of water would make the water boil -now that it HOT!
July Birthstone: Crystal Ruby Gemstone Beaded Earrings (EBC106)
July Birthstone Earrings
Crystal Ruby Gemstone Earrings (EBC106)
The fiery crimson red of the ruby is representative of love and passion, which also makes it a popular alternative to the classic diamond engagement ring. In fact, Fergie, the Duchess of York received a ruby engagement ring from Prince Andrew. Rubies arouse the senses, stir the imagination, and are said to be called the "king of gems" because it was believed to protect its wearer from evil. In fact, rubies were worn by royalty as a talisman against evil.

Ruby is the red variety of the gems species corundum and is found as crystals within metamorphic rock. Its durability is second only to diamonds and the fact that it does not require special care, makes it a highly prized jewel for everyday wear.

To find a flawless ruby is nearly impossible. As well, clarity is not the most important factor is determining a good quality ruby -it's the color. The richer the red, the more costly the gem. The most prized color is a medium or medium dark vivid red or slightly purplish red. A ruby is considered a Sapphire in any color except red. In essence, Ruby is a Sapphire, since both are identical in all properties except for color.

There is a special glow to a ruby -literally. The chromium present in the natural reddest of rubies cause a red fluorescence, or 'glow', which is stimulated by UV (ultraviolet) light. Since ancient times, stories abound of rubies being self-luminous and are often called the "glowing stone" or "lamp stone". Greek legends told the story of a female stork, who repaid the kindness of Heraclea by bringing her a brilliant ruby – a ruby so bright that it illuminated Heraclea’s room at night. Fast forward and in 1960, a synthetic ruby was used in the creation of the first laser.

However, long before rubies were used in modern technology, their special allure was purely for their believed symbolic qualities. Used in everything from ruby beaded jewelry to one of the gemstones used on the breastplate of Aaron. It was believed that the ruby held the power to warn its owner of coming misfortunes, illness, or death, by turning darker in color. More notably, Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of King Henry VIII, predicted her downfall after seeing the darkening of her ruby.

From its history to modern times, this intensely red and passionate July birthstone continues to be a cherished treasure worn by all, especially when used in birthstone jewelry.

July Birthstone Earrings: Crystal Ruby Gemstone Earrings (EBC106)
Handmade beaded gemstone earrings designed with ruby Swarovski Crystals, pink dyed agate gemstones, sterling silver bead caps, beads and .925 Bali spacers on sterling silver french ear wire hooks. The length is 1-1/4" from the bottom of the ear wire.

Loss of Brother Awareness Earrings -Loss of Sister

Today, June 13th, is what would have been my brother, Eddie's 48th birthday, had he received the double lung transplant that he needed.


As I always do, I visited him today and brought him yellow pom daisies. To this day, I'm not quite sure why, but I've always brought him yellow flowers. They can't be any other color. From his end to the end of my days, I will always miss him. Time may have healed my broken heart but the loss was just as raw as it was sixteen years ago.
Onyx Heart Loss of Brother Awareness Earrings (E263-LB)
Onyx Heart Loss of Brother Awareness Earrings (E263-LB)
Over the years, I have created many jewelry designs that were inspired by him. But the latest inspired awareness design is truly special because they represent the sorrow, loss, love and memory of our siblings past. Black is the nationally recognized color for LOSS, with appropriately, blue representing a male sibling and pink a female sibling.

The color blue (when paired with black) actually represents awareness for the loss of brother, loss of father, loss of son and/or loss of male.
Onyx Heart Loss of Sister Awareness Earrings (E263-LP)
Onyx Heart Loss of Sister Awareness Earrings (E263-LP)
The pink color (when paired with black) represents awareness for the loss of sister, loss of mother, loss of daughter and/or loss of female.

To best represent my loss, I've dubbed them the sibling awareness earrings, but, the colors can, and do, represent the loss of any familial relation.

At this time, both of these exquisite new awareness earrings have been added to our ever growing awareness jewelry collection.

These handmade beaded earrings design feature a black onyx gemstone heart bead, sterling silver twisted rings with, either a single blue or pink Swarovski Crystal on french ear wires. The earrings measure 1-1/4" from the bottom of the ear wires.

During the design process, I felt the twisted rings represented how entwined our lives are with those we have lost -a circle that has no beginning -no end.

If you are looking for a matching handmade beaded necklace or beaded bracelet, please feel free to contact me about custom jewelry.

June Birthstone Article - Pearls

Pearls: Classic and Stylish
by Linda Blatchford

Pearls are June Birthstones: along with Pearl, Moonstone (Traditional: Alexandrite).

Swarovski Pearl Bali Stack Beaded Earrings (E251)
There is so much history about pearls that five (5) months claim them as their birthstone: February, April, June (traditional), July and November.

Pearls are an astral stone for the signs Gemini and Cancer are linked to the moon.

Pearls have been called the "teardrops of the moon". Some believe that pearls were formed by the passage of angels through the clouds of heaven.

Spiritual Benefits of wearing pearls:

* Stimulates spiritual transformation
* Promotes prosperity and success
* Encloses you with an aura of calm and beauty
* Helps with stomach, digestion and emotional stress
* Amplifies focus, meditation skills and wisdom
* Helps balance the solar plexus chakra

Over time, the pearl has become the symbol of purity and innocence and it is often sewn into bridal gowns, or worn as jewelry by the bride.

Pearls are classic, elegant and may be expensive. They are very popular at the Gem Shows.

Queen Alexandra’s Pearls*

Most fine jewellery in the 1900s was white and made from either diamonds or pearls. Queen Alexandra initially wore dog collar chokers, called a ‘collier de chien’ to cover a small scar on her neck.

For state occasions and formal events she plastered herself in arrangements of pearl necklaces. The rarity value of real pearls then was such that an American skyscraper exchanged hands for the price of a pearl necklace. This is not as ridiculous as it seems, since fine south sea pearls still command a high price.

Pearls were very fashionable, but still very, very costly. After the 1890s, Kokichi Mikimoto of Japan, produced highly acceptable cultured pearls by placing a small bead into an oyster shell. The bead coated itself with nacre (mother of pearl) and so good looking pearl jewels became more affordable.

Various combinations of pearl necklaces come in and out of fashion with regularity so pearls too are a must. Both fake and real freshwater or cultured pearls are very affordable today. The price of pearls has dropped by about a fifth in the past 10 years and the Chinese are making waves in the pearl world with their cheaper prices. The Japanese have suffered disease in their pearl beds as well as facing competition and are finding it hard to compete with China’s prices.

Value of Pearls

In the early 1900's, the financier Morton F. Plant exchanged the building for a Cartier two-strand Oriental pearl necklace much coveted by a woman he admired.

A pearl is judged by its luster, size and markings. Although baroque, or unevenly formed, pearls have often been popular, it is the perfectly round ones that are now most desired. The best have a creamy, slightly pinkish glow. Black pearls (actually, a sort of silver-gray shade) are also coveted. Pearls are measured in millimeters, with 7 to 7.5 considered respectably modest while something larger than 10 millimeters becomes pretty important. For the last 70 years, they have been "farmed," which means the deformities have been given a helping hand. These pearls are called cultured, and today natural pearls are extremely rare.

Most of the cultured pearls, Mr. Mondschein says, come from Japan, while the largest ones come from the South Seas, Burma, Tahiti and Australia. Pearls should always be kept in a soft pouch; they can be professionally cleaned with soap and water. "But spray perfume is the killer," says Mr. Mondschein. "I’ve seen people ruin pearls that way. And once the bloom is off the pearl, it can never come back."

~ Handmade Beaded Earrings (shown above) ~

Swarovski Pearl Bali Stack Beaded Earrings (E251)
Handcrafted beaded earrings feature beautiful bridal white Swarovski Pearls separated by elegant .925 Bali and finished with sterling silver earwires. Length is 1" from bottom of earwire.

Courtney's Custom Lavender Prom Jewelry Design Process

Lavender Prom Dress. Photo Credits: Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry
It's always exciting and an honor to create custom crystal jewelry whether it be for brides, weddings, prom or senior ball!

Recently, a lovely young lady, Courtney, requested a jewelry set to compliment her lavender prom gown. In our initial conversations, she mentioned the dress was a sweetheart neckline and was lavender in color. I suggested with that type of neckline, a drop necklace always looks nice. Of course, chandelier earrings are always stunning!

It wasn't until weeks later that I was able to finally see the dress...and I was a little surprised. The dress was loaded with crystals on top! Courtney had never mentioned the top of the dress was that embellished. This was going to be a challenge. But, I love a challenge!

I gave some style advice that with a dress that embellished, it's always a better option to go with a nice pair of chandelier earrings and maybe a cuff style bracelet. But...the customer had other ideas. She was set on a necklace.

Fioni Night Metallic Pumps
Finishing off her outfit were silver shoes.

Courtney told me she would not only be wearing them to her prom and her boyfriends' senior ball (a week later), but also to an August wedding she is in!

Now that is getting your use out of one pair of shoes!! You go girl!

The shoes were absolutely lovely and were perfect for the sterling silver metals I planned on using in the jewelry pieces.

Armed with this information, I focused on the detail at the top of the dress. It took me many, many times to get a decent enough photo to showcase the variety of crystal cuts in the top.

Crystal Detail on Lavender Prom Dress. Photo Credits: Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry
Of all the crystals in the top of the dress, none of them were true Swarovski Crystals, so it was unlikely I'd find anything like them to create complimentary jewelry.

So, I instead focused on (1) the lavender color of the gown and; (2) the cut of one crystal on the top of the dress (see the arrow in the picture to the left).

The closest Swarovski Crystal bead cut would be the Cosmic Crystal.

The final design specs:
1) A Y-style crystal necklace;
2) Drop earrings (no chandelier);
3) Sterling Silver metal;
4) Incorporate lavender colored crystals

Let the challenge begin!

Stay tuned for the fully finished prom jewelry set, along with Courtney's Prom pictures. Thank you Courtney for allowing me and Crystal Allure Jewelry to be a part of your special prom day.

Browse more Custom Prom Jewelry and then contact me to discuss a custom design for your special event.

Updated 4/11/15: Check out Courtney's Custom Lavender Crystal Prom Jewelry Set

The Custom Beaded Jewelry Design Process Highlighted

In June of 2013, I had the distinct honor of working again with a truly wonderful person and returning customer, Holly.

You may remember Holly's first design, our Exclusive Holly's Custom Hope Love Cherish Crystal Awareness Bracelet (B204). This time Holly requested a beautiful handmade beaded bracelet for her girl friend, Karin.
Holly's Custom Pink Garnet Birthstone Mother's Name Bracelet (B212)
Crystal Allure Holly's Custom Pink Garnet Birthstone Mother's Name Bracelet (B212)

This design would be a mother's bracelet. It was to have Karin's daughters' names: Olivia and Kate in it. Both girls' January birthstone, garnet, was to be in the design, along with possibly the color pink (which is Karin's favorite color).

With each custom beaded jewelry design, I always email a "design in progress" photo to get feedback from the customer. As soon as Holly provided her design specs and idea came to mind (see below Design #1). This particular beaded bracelet design was perfect for highlighting the beaded jewelry design process.

When creating a special custom bracelet, it can be the perfect design the first time at the bench or it may take several design attempts. The key to my custom jewelry designs is to get as many customer specs as possible into the design -because that is what makes the design truly unique and special.

You can see in Design #1 below, all of Holly's specs were included in the idea I had after speaking with her. But -it just wasn't the design yet. Back to the bench. The challenge with this design was that although I am a huge fan of Swarovski Crystals, I'm not so in love with the garnet crystal. Of all the crystal colors available, to me, it just seems very dark. So, I opted to go with a genuine semi-precious garnet gemstone for this design.

The Beaded Jewelry Design Process Highlighted by Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry

Design #2 keeps the same elements but reduces the size of the pearls. With some feedback from Holly, Design #3 keeps the semi-precious garnet and pearls, but splashes of pink crystal are added. We both felt, the pink rose Swarovski Crystal added that touch of elegance that was lacking in the previous two designs. It was decided the design was on track's just missing something...that, thing -that makes it the perfect design.

Back to the bench and idea board. When I am creating, I find that taking a picture of the design and looking at it that way really helps to get a different point of view, so to speak. By Design #4, I decided to add in some texture and contrast with floating silver twisted rings.

Design #5 keeps that momentum going but changes out the pearls near the ends with the garnet gemstone beads. This turns out to be Holly's favorite design. So, back to the bench to polish it up and finish the design.

The final design (shown at the top of this post) features pink rose Swarovski Crystals, garnet semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and 14k goldfill bead spacers, sterling letter blocks with floating silver rings. Finished with pink rose Swarovski Crystal Heart charm and our signature jewelry tag.

After five attempts at the bench, Holly's Custom Pink Garnet Birthstone Name Mothers Bracelet (B212) emerged. This special design is a truly unique gift that Karin can treasure for a lifetime!

Thank you Holly for letting Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry custom design this very special bracelet for you!

Awareness Ribbon Colors and Meanings Guide

The following guide is a comprehensive, alphabetized listing of awareness causes and their associated awareness ribbon color(s). All causes have been listed by their full medical term with abbreviations in parentheses. You can also use this guide to Shop by Cause.

This extensive list has been an internet-wide reference tool for Awareness Colors and Meanings since 2004.
There are now 2 ways to find the awareness ribbon color you are looking for:
(1) by using the Awareness Ribbons by Cause Color guide listing below or;
(2) *NEW* by downloading our FREE guide in PDF format!

To download the latest version simply click the image to the left or click on the following link: Crystal Allure Jewelry Awareness Ribbon Colors v1.

You can also learn what day or month your cause is recognized nationally using the Awareness Calendar.

Many groups have adopted color ribbons as symbols of support or awareness, and as a result, many causes often share the same color. As well, there may be more than one color associated with a cause, in which case, it is up to you on your ribbon color preference in support of that cause.

Custom Awareness Ribbon Jewelry by Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry
Use this guide to locate the color associated with a specific cause, awareness disease or illness. For example, "What is the awareness color for asthma?" Look under the letter "A" and you will find the cause ribbon color associated with asthma.

If you don't immediately find your cause, scan through the list for that particular letter.

If you did not find the cause, disease or illness you were looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Inquire about a a custom awareness bracelet design or cause jewelry.

This article was last updated: February 15, 2016


9/11 - black
9/11 Victims - purple

Causes that begin with the letter - A -
Accidents - black
Acid Reflux Disease - periwinkle
Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) - blue
Addiction Recovery - turquoise
Addison's Disease - light blue
Adenosarcoma - yellow
Adhesions - burgundy
Adoptee / Adoption - white
Adoptive Parents - yellow
Adult Stem Cell Donor - lime green
Agent Orange - orange
Agoraphobia - teal
AIDS - red
Allergies - gray
Alopecia - blue
Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency - purple
Alzheimer's Disease - purple
Amber Alert - yellow
Amish Support - black
Amniotic Fluid Embolism - pink and blue
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) - blue and white
Animal Abuse - purple
Animal Protection - orange
Ankylosing Spondylitis - blue
Anorexia Nervosa - periwinkle
Anti-Child Pornography - white
Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome - burgundy
Anti-Pornography - white
Anti-Racism - black and white
Anti-Terrorism - black
Anti-Tobacco - brown
Anti-Violence - purple
Anti-War - white
Anxiety Disorder - teal
Aphasia - gray
Aplastic Anemia - red and white
Appendix Cancer - amber
Arnold Chiari Malformation - purple
Arthritis - blue
Asthma - gray
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) - purple
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) - purple
Autism (symbol: puzzle piece) - red, yellow, dark blue and light blue
Autoimmune Hepatitis - purple and yellow
Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease - mint green
AV Malformation - burgundy


Causes that begin with the letter - B -
Baby Safe Haven - pink and blue
Batten Disease - teal
Behcet's Disease - light blue
Bell's Palsy - silver
Bipolar Disorder - green
Birth Defects - pink and blue
Bladder Cancer - marigold, blue and purple
Blindness - white
Blood Cancer -red
Blood Factor Disorders - burgundy (alternate: red)
Bone Cancer / Bone Disease- yellow
Bone Marrow Donation - green
Brachial Plexus Injuries - blue
Brain Aneurysm - burgundy
Brain Cancer - gray
Brain Disabilities - silver
Brain Disorders - silver
Brain Tumors - gray
Breast Cancer - pink
Bring Home Our Troops - blue
Bronchial Cancer - white (pearl)
Bulimia Nervosa - periwinkle


Causes that begin with the letter - C -
CA Anti-Second Hand Smoke - blue
Canada Anti-Tobacco - blue
Cancer (general, unspecified) - lavender
Cancer Caregivers -plum
Cancer Survival - purple
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - white (alternate: yellow)
Carcinoid Cancer - black and white
Cardiovascular Disease - red
Caregiver Appreciation - lavender
Celiac Disease - light green
Cerebral Palsy - green
Cervical Cancer - teal
Cesareans - burgundy
Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease - silver
Chemical Injury - purple and yellow
Child Abuse - blue
Child Exploitation - white
Childhood Cancer -gold
Childhood Depression - green
Child Neglect - blue
Child Sexual Abuse/Assault - white
Chondrosarcoma - yellow
Chronic and Intractable Pain - purple
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - blue
Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) - blue
Chronic Illness - light blue
Chronic Migraines - purple and burgundy
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) - gold
Chronic Pelvic Pain - light green
Cleft Palate / Cleft Lip - hot pink
Coagulation Disorders - burgundy (alternate: red)
Colitis - dark blue
Colon Cancer - blue (alternate: brown)
Colorectal Cancer - blue (alternate: brown)
Community Support - white
Complementary / Alternative Medicine - yellow
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) - orange
Congenital Cataracts - white
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) - teal
Congenital Heart Defects / Disease - red and blue
Congestive Heart Failure - red
Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis - mint green
Coping with Cancer - blue and silver
Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) - silver
Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease - purple
Crime Victim's Rights - blue
Crohn's Disease - blue (alternate: purple)
Cultural Diversity - orange
Cushing Syndrome - light blue
Cystic Fibrosis (CF or 65 Roses) - purple
Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes - purple and gray
Cystic Hygroma - burgundy


Causes that begin with the letter - D -
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) - red and white
Deployed Soldiers - yellow
Depression - green
Designated Drivers - blue and yellow
Diabetes - gray
Diamond-Blackfan Anemia - red
DiGeorge Sequence - light blue
Disabled Adults - burgundy
Disabled Children - silver
Dissociative Identity Disorder - teal
Diversity - black and white
Domestic Violence - purple
Domestic Violence (Sexual Assault) - purple and teal
Down Syndrome - blue and yellow
Driving Under the Influence (DUI) - red
Drowning - blue
Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) - red
Duchene Muscular Dystrophy - lime green
Dysautonomia - blue
Dyslexia - silver
Dystonia - blue


Causes that begin with the letter - E -
Eating Disorders - periwinkle
Ectodermal Dysphasia - teal
Eczema - orchid and orange
Education - blue
Elderly Abuse - silver
Elderly Affairs - white
Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma - gold
Emphysema - pearl
Encephalitis - silver
Endometrial Cancer - peach
Endometriosis - yellow
Environmental Concern/Protection - green
Eosinophilic Disease - hot pink (alternate: periwinkle)
Eosinophilic Disorders - hot pink (alternate: periwinkle)
Epidermolysis Bullosa - red
Epilepsy - lavender (alternate: purple)
Epstein-Barr Virus - blue
Equality - yellow
Erb's Palsy - blue
Esophageal Cancer - periwinkle
Evans Syndrome - red
Ewings Sarcoma - yellow
Eye Injury Prevention - green


Causes that begin with the letter - F -
Factor V Leiden - burgundy
Factor XI Deficiency - red
Familial Polyposis - brown
Fanconi's Syndrome - green
Feed the Nation - orange
Feral Cats - orange
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome - pink and blue
Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva - green
Fibromyalgia - cranberry (alternate: purple)
Fibromyalgia (Men) - purple
Fireworks Safety - red, white and blue
Food Allergies - teal
Foster Care - lavender
Fragile X - teal
Free Speech - blue


Causes that begin with the letter - G -
Gallbladder/Bile Duct Cancer - kelly green
Gang Prevention - black
Gastric Cancer - periwinkle
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) - periwinkle
Gender Violence - white
General (unspecified) Cancer - lavender
Genetic Disorders - mint green
Genital Integrity - pink and blue
Glaucoma - green
Go Red for Women - red
Graves Disease - light blue
Great American Smokeout - brown
Growth and Rebuilding - green
Guillain Barre Syndrome - blue
Gulf War - yellow
Gun Control - black
Gynecological Cancer - teal


Causes that begin with the letter - H -
Head and Neck Cancer - burgundy and ivory
Headaches - purple
Hearing Disorders - gold and silver
Hearing Impairments - gold and silver
Heart Disease / Heart Transplant - red
Hemangioma and Vascular Malformation - burgundy
Hemophilia - red
Hepatitis C - red and yellow
Hereditary Breast Cancer - pink and teal
Hereditary Hemochromatosis - burgundy
Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia - red and white
Hereditary Multiple Exostoses (HME or MHE) - white
Hernia - white
High Blood Pressure - red
Hirschsprung's Disease - burgundy
HIV - red
HIV / HCV Co-Infection - red and yellow
Hodgkin's Lymphoma / Disease - violet
Holocaust Remembrance - white
Homelessness - purple
Homeopathic Medicine - green
Hope and Support - white
Hospice Care - burgundy
Huffing - red
Hughes Syndrome - burgundy
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) - light green
Hunger - orange
Huntington's Disease - blue
Hurricane - blue
Hurricane Katrina - blue
Hydrocephalus - yellow
Hygroma - burgundy
Hyperaldosteronism - light blue
Hyperemesis Graviduram - pink and blue
Hypertension - red
Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome - red and blue
Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis - lavender
Hystiocytosis - blue


Causes that begin with the letter - I -
Ichthyosis - blue
Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura - burgundy
In Memory of Columbine - blue and white
Infant Loss - pink and blue
Infantile Spasms - lavender
Infertility - pink and blue
Inflammatory Breast Cancer - hot pink
Inhalant Abuse - red
Innocence - white
Internet Safety - white
Interstitial Cystitis - teal
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) - periwinkle
Ivemark Syndrome - mint green


Causes that begin with the letter - K -
Kawasaki Disease - orange and red
Kidney Cancer / Disease - orange
Kidney Donation / Kidney Donor -green
Kindness - light blue
Klinefelter's Syndrome - light blue


Causes that begin with the letter - L -
Langerhans Cell Hystiocytosis - blue
Lead Poisoning - graphite
Leimyosarcoma - purple
Leukemia - orange
Leukodystrophies - blue
Literacy - green
Liver Cancer / Liver Disease - green
Living Organ Donor - green
Long Q-T Syndrome - red
Loss of a Brother - black and blue
Loss of a Daughter - black and pink
Loss of a Father - black and blue
Loss of a Female - black and pink
Loss of a Male - black and blue
Loss of a Mother - black and pink
Loss of a Sister - black and pink
Loss of a Son - black and blue
Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) - blue and white
Lung Cancer / Disease - white (pearl)
Lung Transplant (symbol: butterfly) - green
Lupus - purple
Lupus with Endometriosis - purple and yellow
Lyme Disease - lime green
Lymphatic Malformation - burgundy
Lymphedema - light blue
Lymphoma - lime


Causes that begin with the letter - M -
Macular Degeneration - purple
Male Breast Cancer - pink and blue
Manic Depression - green
Marfan Syndrome - red
Melanoma - black
Meniere's Disease - gold and silver
Meningitis / Meningococcal - burgundy
Menkes Disease - copper
Men's Health - light blue
Mental Health - green
Mental Illness - gray
Mental Retardation - green
Mesothelioma - pearl
Migraine - purple
Military Sexual Assault - teal and yellow
Military Support - yellow
Miscarriage - pink and blue
Misdiagnosed or Undiagnosed Children - burgundy
Missing Children - yellow
Mitochondrial Disease - green
Molestation Survivor - white
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) - red
Motorcycle Safety - orange
Mourning -black
Mourning a Brother - black and blue
Mourning a Daughter - black and pink
Mourning a Father - black and blue
Mourning a Female - black and pink
Mourning a Male - black and blue
Mourning a Mother - black and pink
Mourning a Sister - black and pink
Mourning a Son - black and blue
MRSA - indigo blue
Mucolipidoses - purple
Mucopolysaccharidoses - purple
Multiple Cancers -multi-colors
Multiple Myeloma - burgundy
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - pearl
Murder Victims / Murdered Children - black and red
Muscular Dystrophy - lime green
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) - blue
Myasthenia Gravis - teal
Myeloproliferative Disorders - orange and red
Myositis - blue
Myxoid Liposarcoma - yellow


Causes that begin with the letter - N -
Narcolepsy - black
National Support - red, white and blue
Native American Reparation - turquoise
Nephrotic Syndrome - green
Neural Tube Defects - green
Neuroblastoma - gold
Neurofibromatosis - green
Neurological Disorders - silver
Niemann-Pick - silver
No Unattended Kids in Cars - purple
Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma - lime green
Non-Smoker Lung Cancer - pearl and white
Noonan's Syndrome - red and blue
Nursing Mothers - pink


Causes that begin with the letter - O -
Obesity - yellow
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder - teal
On-Line Sexual Predator Awareness - white
Opposition to the War - white
Oral Cancer - red and white
Organ Donation (OD) / Organ Transplant - green
Osteoporosis - white
Osteosarcoma - lime green
Ovarian Cancer - teal


Causes that begin with the letter - P -
Pancreatic Cancer - purple
Pancreatitis (Chronic) - purple
Panic Disorder - teal
Paralysis - cream
Parkinson's Disease - silver
Peace - white
Pediatric Stroke - purple and blue
PHACES Syndrome- burgundy
Phyllodes Tumors - pink and gold
Pierre Robin Sequence - red
Platelet Donor - black and gold
Police Officers Lost in Duty - blue
Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) - teal
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)- teal
Polycythemia Vera - orange and red
Postpartum Depression - white
Post-Polio Syndrome - burgundy
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - teal
Prisoner of War (POW) / Missing in Action (MIA) - black
Pregnancy Loss - pink and blue
Premature Birth - pink and blue
Primary Biliary Cirrhosis - black
Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis - green
Pro Choice - light blue
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy - teal
Project Red Flag - red
Pro Life - red
Prostate Cancer - light blue
Pseudotumor Cerebri - silver
Psoriasis - orchid and orange
Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) - red and blue
Pulmonary Hypertension - periwinkle


Causes that begin with the letter - R -
Racial Tolerance - orange
Rape - teal
Rectal Cancer - blue
Red Ribbon Week Awareness - red
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome (RSD) - orange
Religious Tolerance - purple
Remembrance - yellow
Renal Cell Carcinoma - green
Responsible Use of Public Land - blue
Restless Legs Syndrome - blue
Retinoblastoma - white
Rett Syndrome - lavender
Reye's Syndrome - blue
Rheumatoid Arthritis - purple and blue
Right to Life - white
Rosacea -red


Causes that begin with the letter - S -
SADS - red and blue
Safe Driving - green
Sandhoff Disease - lime green
Sarcoidosis - purple
Sarcoma - yellow
Save Darfur - green
Save The Music - blue
Schizophrenia - silver
Sciatic Pain - silver
Scleroderma - light blue
Scoliosis - white
Seasonal Affective Disorder -green
Self-Injury - black and red (alternate: orange)
Sepsis - burgundy
Sexual Assault - teal
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's) - light green
Short Bowel Syndrome - blue
Shprintzen Syndrome - light blue
Sickle Cell Anemia - burgundy
Sjogren's Syndrome - purple
Sleep Apnea - black
Sleep Disorders - black
Small Intestine Cancer - periwinkle
Sniffing Abuse - red
Spay/Neuter Pets - light blue
Spina Bifida - yellow
Spinal Cord Injuries - cream
Spinal Cord Injury Research - green
Spinal Disorders - cream
Spinal Muscular Atrophy - cream
Springomyelia - blue
Squamous Cell Carcinoma - red and white
Stalking - white
Stem Cell Donor / Stem Cell Research - green
Steven Johnson Syndrome - blue
Stillbirth - pink and blue
Stomach Cancer - periwinkle
Stroke - red
Student Sexual Assault - white
Students for Gun Control - black
Sturge-Weber Syndrome - burgundy
Substance Abuse - red
Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes (SADS) - red and blue
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) - pink and blue
Suicide - yellow
Support for Adoptees Rights - lime green
Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT) - red
Survivors - awareness colors depend on cause, disease or illness


Causes that begin with the letter - T -
Targeted Individuals - indigo blue
Teen Cancer - blue and white
Teen Pregnancy Prevention - white
Teens Against Smoking - blue
Testicular Cancer - orchid
Thalassemia - burgundy
Thrombophilia - burgundy
Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura - red
Thyroid Cancer / Thyroid Disease - teal, pink, blue
Tinnitus - gold and silver
Tissue Donation - green
Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) - cranberry
Tobacco Awareness - brown
Tourette's Syndrome - green
Transitions - black and white
Transplant - green
Transverse Myelitis - blue
Trauma - black
Traumatic Brain Injury - green
Trisomy 18 - light blue
Troop Support - yellow
Tuberculosis - red
Twin to Twin Transfusion - pink and blue


Causes that begin with the letter - U -
Uterine Cancer - peach


Causes that begin with the letter - V -
Vaccine Awareness - black and white
VACTERL - silver
VA Tech Massacre - black
Velo-Cardio Facial Syndrome - light blue
Victims of Terrorism - white
Victim's Rights - blue
Von Hippel Lindau - green
Von Willebrand's Disease - red


Causes that begin with the letter - W -
Waldenstrom's Macroglobulinemia - pearl
Water Accidents - blue
Water Quality - blue
Water Safety - blue
William's Syndrome - burgundy
Wolf-Parkinson-White (WPW) - red
Worker Safety - green
World Trade Center (WTC) Heroes - red, white and blue
World Trade Center (WTC) Victims - purple


Causes that begin with the letter - Y -
Young Onset Parkinsons Association (YOPA) - silver


Please note: This guide does not list awareness colors that charities have adopted for a specified cause. Rather, we choose to list the color that has been chosen for that cause and that most will identify with. For example, you may find in your search that some will show the color, blue, in awareness items for Cystic Fibrosis. They do this because they are actually raising awareness for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. However, blue is not the awareness color for Cystic Fibrosis. The associated awareness color for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is purple, as shown above. It is our goal, through our handcrafted awareness jewelry designs to raise awareness of the cause -not a specific charity.