The Custom Beaded Jewelry Design Process Highlighted

In June of 2013, I had the distinct honor of working again with a truly wonderful person and returning customer, Holly.

You may remember Holly's first design, our Exclusive Holly's Custom Hope Love Cherish Crystal Awareness Bracelet (B204). This time Holly requested a beautiful handmade beaded bracelet for her girl friend, Karin.
Holly's Custom Pink Garnet Birthstone Mother's Name Bracelet (B212)
Crystal Allure Holly's Custom Pink Garnet Birthstone Mother's Name Bracelet (B212)

This design would be a mother's bracelet. It was to have Karin's daughters' names: Olivia and Kate in it. Both girls' January birthstone, garnet, was to be in the design, along with possibly the color pink (which is Karin's favorite color).

With each custom beaded jewelry design, I always email a "design in progress" photo to get feedback from the customer. As soon as Holly provided her design specs and idea came to mind (see below Design #1). This particular beaded bracelet design was perfect for highlighting the beaded jewelry design process.

When creating a special custom bracelet, it can be the perfect design the first time at the bench or it may take several design attempts. The key to my custom jewelry designs is to get as many customer specs as possible into the design -because that is what makes the design truly unique and special.

You can see in Design #1 below, all of Holly's specs were included in the idea I had after speaking with her. But -it just wasn't the design yet. Back to the bench. The challenge with this design was that although I am a huge fan of Swarovski Crystals, I'm not so in love with the garnet crystal. Of all the crystal colors available, to me, it just seems very dark. So, I opted to go with a genuine semi-precious garnet gemstone for this design.

The Beaded Jewelry Design Process Highlighted by Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry

Design #2 keeps the same elements but reduces the size of the pearls. With some feedback from Holly, Design #3 keeps the semi-precious garnet and pearls, but splashes of pink crystal are added. We both felt, the pink rose Swarovski Crystal added that touch of elegance that was lacking in the previous two designs. It was decided the design was on track's just missing something...that, thing -that makes it the perfect design.

Back to the bench and idea board. When I am creating, I find that taking a picture of the design and looking at it that way really helps to get a different point of view, so to speak. By Design #4, I decided to add in some texture and contrast with floating silver twisted rings.

Design #5 keeps that momentum going but changes out the pearls near the ends with the garnet gemstone beads. This turns out to be Holly's favorite design. So, back to the bench to polish it up and finish the design.

The final design (shown at the top of this post) features pink rose Swarovski Crystals, garnet semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver and 14k goldfill bead spacers, sterling letter blocks with floating silver rings. Finished with pink rose Swarovski Crystal Heart charm and our signature jewelry tag.

After five attempts at the bench, Holly's Custom Pink Garnet Birthstone Name Mothers Bracelet (B212) emerged. This special design is a truly unique gift that Karin can treasure for a lifetime!

Thank you Holly for letting Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry custom design this very special bracelet for you!


Bronson Hill Arts said...

Wow... very enlightening, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing the process!

And, as always, beautiful results!


Unknown said...

I really like how you explained everything in this post. Very beautiful design. Will you make the next post about bracelets? Thank you Stephanie.