The Butterfly: A Symbol of Lung Transplant

Everyone loves butterflies and there are many symbolic meanings associated with the butterfly but none so profound as its' symbolism to new life through lung transplantation. If you have cystic fibrosis, at some point your doctor will discuss with you the need for a lung transplant. It is our hope the following story behind the symbol of newly transplanted lungs will provide you with hope and inspiration as you begin your transplant journey.

The Butterfly: Life has wings...or rather life should have wings. When Cystic Fibrosis damages the lungs with scarring from past infections, and antibiotics no longer give the relief they once did, and the quality of life is stalled, or the length of life is shortened when you are told, "you have only a couple of years left", you want those wings back to fly. Lung Transplantation is the option to get those wings once again and live your life dreams.

Fritillaires Butterflies -Butterfly Garden 2006 -Crystal Allure Creations Jewelry

For those who are fortunate enough to witness the actual lung transplantation surgery, they will describe it as a moving experience that is emotional and awe inspiring. When the old lungs are removed, appearing much like raw liver, and the new lungs are taken from the cooler they have been transported in, the light pink, white new lungs are in such contrast to the old. But the more breath taking experience is to see the new lungs take life when they are connected. It is described as "like beautiful butterfly wings, opening for the very first time, they expand and you can see the beauty in life and in good lungs". Like butterfly wings opening for the first time, so is the size and shape of the new lungs...a comparison that has great meaning to those with Cystic Fibrosis who get the gift of new lungs and a chance to live their dreams.

For this reason, nearly all Crystal Allure transplant awareness beaded bracelets are adorned with our signature sterling silver butterfly charm. It is our hope the transplant awareness bracelets and butterfly jewelry offered at Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry will give its' wearer hope and peace of mind during their transplant journey.

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