Beautiful Springtime Jewelry: Dragonflies & Butterflies

As I sit here today, the snow is coming down pretty heavy and although it's 19 degrees out, the blowing wind is making it feel like 7 degrees. It's actually quite mesmerizing to stare at the falling snow. What's going through my mind? Spring and Gardens!

You have no doubt heard the saying that when you see a butterfly, especially one that flutters closely to you, that it's your guardian angel (relative, friend, etc) that has passed on.
Freshwater Pearl Dragonfly Charm Lariat Necklace (N099)
Freshwater Pearl Dragonfly Charm Lariat Necklace (N099)
I happen to believe my guardian angel is a dragonfly! I've especially noticed this the last few years from the start of spring through the entire warm season, I was 'followed' by a dragonfly. Every time I turned around, there it was, right there by me. And this makes sense to me because my older brother, who passed in 1998, would definitely have chosen to be a dragonfly instead of a more delicate butterfly!

The handcrafted pearl necklace above features garden of fresh blooming freshwater pearls in olive, light blue and peacock individually wire wrapped, accented by sterling silver ring circles and blue Swarovski Crystals. This beautiful lariat necklace is given modern edge with a 44mm hand-wrought delicate teardrop wire loop that has been hammered for added interest to showcase the sterling silver dragonfly charm. Measures 18-1/2".

For you butterfly lovers, there is this trio of springtime colored crystals in a lovely dangle earring that matches the Floating Blue Green Yellow Crystal Butterfly Bracelet (B174).
Floating Butterflies Crystal Beaded Earrings (E295)
Floating Butterflies Crystal Beaded Earrings (E295)
As if floating through the air these handmade beaded earrings feature springtime colors in blue, green and yellow Swarovski Crystal Butterflies beads. Accented with aurora borealis Swarovski Crystals, Swarovski Pearls, sterling silver beads and sterling silver french hook ear wires. Length is 1-1/4" from the bottom of the ear wires.

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