Breathe Organ Transplant Awareness Bracelet (BA195)

April is Organ Donation Awareness Month. When you donate your organs, you save lives. Learn a few organ donation facts and how you can become an organ donor at the end of this blog post.

This awareness bracelet was first introduced when I posted about Beverly's request for a pair of custom awareness earrings to go with the BREATHE bracelet she was purchasing. Organ donation -specifically lung -and transplant were the inspirations behind this beautiful handmade beaded bracelet.

Have you ever sat back, closed your eyes, and took a long deep breath? Remember how refreshing, energizing and calming it felt? For individuals suffering from lung problems, especially those in need of a lung transplant, that one seemingly simple action almost always leads to a coughing attack.

Although green represents many awareness diseases, this bracelet was designed as a symbol for organ donation awareness and the Gift of Life through transplantation.
Breathe Organ Transplant Awareness Bracelet (BA195-D4)
Breathe Organ Transplant Awareness Bracelet (BA195-D4)

This Exclusive Organ Transplant Awareness Crystal Allure BREATHE Bracelet was created to raise awareness and offer hope. Design features centered sterling silver letter blocks with the awareness message, BREATHE, are accented with both emerald and clear Swarovski Crystals, sterling silver, Bali beads. Finished with a sterling silver awareness ribbon charm and signature jewelry tag. Measures 7-1/2".

The butterfly has become the symbol of lung transplantation. When someone receives a set of transplanted lungs, it has been said the new lungs look like a butterfly opening its' wings, when they take their first breath of new life. If you would like to customize this bracelet further, you can select to add a sterling silver butterfly charm at checkout.

Special offer: During April 2015 only, order this BREATHE bracelet and you will receive a complimentary pair of single drop crystal earrings!

Some sobering facts about organ donation:
-On any given day, an average of 21 people die because an organ was not made available for transplant.
-The transplant list grows daily, with another name being added to national organ transplant waiting list, every 10 minutes.
-Although more than 1 million tissue transplants are done each year, the surgical need for tissue has been steadily rising.

The statistics also show that although 90% of Americans say they do support organ and tissue donation, only about 30% actually know what steps need to be taken to be a donor. Learn more about how you can be a donor through Donate Life.

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