Mary Kay's Custom Mother of the Bride Illusion Bracelet Hairpins and Bar Pin

Designing these wedding jewelry pieces was so much fun. I'm passionate about color and the pairing of burgundy and beige was an exciting combination. Mary Kay's dress was a champagne color and since the wedding party color was burgundy, it was, well...meant to be!

In thinking about this design, I wanted to deviate a little from a full strand beaded bracelet style. Mainly because Mary Kay's dress was a sleeveless design, I just felt a bracelet with more 'umph' to it would look much better. The first go at this illusion style did not work out. But, I was not defeated. I tried a different diameter stringing wire and it worked perfectly.

As well, I wanted this design to be a mix of both gold and silver metals because Mary Kay planned on wearing her mothers fine diamond ring and earrings. This clasp matched perfectly with the Halo style diamond ring.
Mary Kay's Custom Mother of the Bride Crystal Pearl Illusion Bracelet (BCP219)
Mary Kay's Custom Mother of the Bride Crystal Pearl Illusion Bracelet (BCP219)

This handmade bead bracelet features an elegant sterling silver circle clasp with sparkling cubic zirconia (CZ), burgundy Swarovski Crystals, bronze Swarovski Pearls and a scattering of aurora borealis (AB) Swarovski Crystal accents delicately woven on a gold stringing wire for a sophisticated illusion style bracelet. Measures 7-1/4".

Mary Kay was going to have a half up-half down hairstyle and had also requested 3-4 hairpins to match. This was the first time I've ever created these -and I loved it!
Mary Kay's Custom Mother of the Bride Crystal Pearl Hairpins (HP1500)
Mary Kay's Custom Mother of the Bride Crystal Pearl Hairpins (HP1500)

These lovely crystal and pearl wedding hairpins were created using the same components as the Mother of the Bride Bracelet. Hand wired together were burgundy crystals, champagne pearls and a touch of sparkling AB crystals. Total length is 2".

If you remember, when I introduced Mary Kay's custom wedding accessories request, I had asked her for a little of the fabric from her dress because I had something in mind....
Mary Kay's Custom Mother of the Bride Beaded Bar Pin Brooch (LP1500)
Mary Kay's Custom Mother of the Bride Beaded Bar Pin Brooch (LP1500)

This handmade bar pin brooch incorporated the wedding colors hand wired onto a 1-1/2" bar pin. Mary Kay planned on pinning this crystal and pearl bar pin on the strap side of her dress (where it was just the chiffon overlay). My little secret idea was to take a clipping of the abstract flower from her extra dress material and use fabric stiffener on it to create another pin option.

Mary Kay had the option to wear just the bar pin or to use the abstract flower as a backdrop to the bar pin. She ended up using the flower backdrop with her pin and loved it!!

Mary Kay happened to be out of town when Lauren picked up all the wedding jewelry. But, when Mary Kay returned she had to say about her custom pieces:
I am so sorry it has taken me this long to tell you how exquisite I find the jewelry you designed for Lauren's wedding! My bracelet is just the right balance of classic and modern, the brooch looks great on the strap of my gown with the flower pinned behind it (great idea!), and the hairpins are beautiful tool. Thanks again!!
Mary Kay was even so kind as to think of sending me pictures via text, on the actual day of Lauren's wedding. I was so grateful to have been a part of Lauren's special day and I absolutely love working with Mary Kay!

Burgundy Crystal Cystic Hygroma Awareness Bracelet and Ribbon Earrings

It was nearly 4 years ago when I was first introduced to the cause of Hygroma Awareness by Elizabeth. She had requested a Custom Mothers Bracelet with Hygroma Awareness for a dear friend who had lost her child to this disease.

Just a little background on what exactly is cystic hygroma:
Cystic hygromas are birth defects that result in fluid-filled sacs caused by blockages in the lymphatic system (abnormal tissue). They are most often found on babies because these abnormal growths form while the baby is still in the womb. However, a hygroma can still appear after birth and are typically found on a baby’s neck or head.

In general, hygromas get larger, or grow, with your child over time. There is a good prognosis if surgery can totally remove the abnormal tissue. However, in cases where the hygroma doesn't resolve on its own (by 20 weeks into the pregnancy) or complete removal, through surgery, is not possible, the cystic hygroma commonly returns and can cause serious complications.
Burgundy Crystal Cystic Hygroma Awareness Bracelet (BA216)
Burgundy Crystal Cystic Hygroma Awareness Bracelet (BA216)
This handmade beaded awareness bracelet was designed with rich burgundy Swarovski Crystals, representing Hygroma Awareness, accented with sterling silver beads, antique gold Bali style beads and burgundy glass pearls. Finished with a sterling silver awareness ribbon charm and our signature jewelry tag. Measures 7-3/4.
Burgundy Crystal Cystic Hygroma Awareness Earrings (EA298)
Crystal Allure Burgundy Cystic Hygroma Awareness Earrings (EA298)
These lovely handmade awareness earrings were designed to complement the beautiful awareness bracelet shown above. The design features rich burgundy round Swarovski Crystals accented with antique gold Bali style beads and a pair of sterling silver twist rings. Finished with sterling silver leverback ear wires and sterling silver awareness ribbon charms. Earrings measure 1-1/4 from the bottom of the earwire.

Mary Kay's Handmade Mother of the Bride Jewelry Inspiration

In the previous post on Lauren's Handmade Wedding Jewelry Details, I shared the details and inspiration for the Bridesmaids Jewelry and Maids of Honor Jewelry. This particular custom wedding jewelry group was large enough that it needed to be broken down into various posts. But, that works perfectly because then I get to individually highlight the jewelry and design details of both the Bridesmaids, as well as, the Mother of the Bride.

When Mary Kay and I first communicated, she provided me some details on her dress and also said she would be wearing her mothers' diamond ring and earrings (which were in white gold). She wasn't sure if she should have silver or gold custom jewelry created to coordinate with the white gold heirloom jewelry.

This was going to be the first time I've created handmade beaded jewelry to coordinate with existing fine jewelry pieces. To be sure I created pieces that would be perfectly paired, I asked for pictures, of both the dress and the heirloom jewelry -and it's a good thing I did.

It just so happened the diamond ring design was in the currently popular Halo style. While searching for those just right components I love to add to my jewelry designs, I happened across a clasp that I felt would be a perfect pairing to the ring.

Mary Kay's Mother of the Bride Jewelry would be designed around two elements: her dress and her mother's diamond ring and earrings. The dress was a combination of both soft chiffon and rich lace in a champagne color. I suggested Mary Kay go with the same pearl color that the wedding party jewelry was being designed with because: (1) it would complement the fact that she, as the Mother of the Bride, was connected to the bridal party, (2) because it appeared her dress was in the same color family and (3) the chiffon top of her dress was a direct complement to the chiffon bridal party dress.

Although I had seen a picture of her dress, I asked for a sample of the fabric just to be sure we'd chosen the right Swarovski Pearl color (plus I had a secret design idea brewing in my head....). The custom pieces Mary Kay requested were a crystal and pearl bracelethair pins and a brooch.

My goal with the beaded bracelet was to create a design that she could easily wear after the wedding, whether with casual or formal wear. It was also in my plan to incorporate both gold and silver into the bracelet design. This custom jewelry order will also be the first where I've been asked for hair pins (bobby pins) and a brooch!

Stay tuned to see how the jewelry turned out......

Lauren's Handmade Wedding Jewelry Details

In the Spring of this year, one of my favorite customers contacted me and I was so thrilled to hear from her and to hear the good news. Mary Kay's daughter, Lauren, was getting married! Both her and her daughter wanted to explore handmade wedding jewelry options for two Maids of Honor, three Bridesmaids and the Mother of the Bride.

I've worked with Mary Kay many times over the past eight years for gemstone jewelry, as well as, custom handmade jewelry. I was so excited to be able to work with her again and to be a part of Lauren's, wedding planning. Working with Brides is so much fun. I love hearing about all the wedding details!
Custom Wedding Jewelry details for Summer Bride in Burgundy Champagne | Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Creations
Bridal Party Wedding details:
  • 2 Maids of Honor
  • 3 Bridesmaids
  • Jewelry sets with necklaces and earrings
    • Maids of Honor jewelry sets would be slightly different than Bridesmaids
  • Allure Bridals chiffon dress #1369 in burgundy (shown above in champagne)
  • Bridal party would be wearing nude shoes
  • White Calla Lilly flowers
  • Groomsmen will be in slate blue
While out shopping together, Lauren had found a necklace style that she really loved and wanted to use as inspiration for her custom bridesmaids jewelry. I had my close and dear friend, Barb Deuel of Bronson Hill Art and Photography create an inspiration sketch of that very necklace (shown above). Thank you Barb!!

When the three of us met, I presented Lauren with a narrowed down selection of Swarovski Crystals and Pearls that I felt best fit her wedding vision. We discussed various design elements and bead setups that would most closely resemble the inspiration necklace that Lauren had seen. The final detail was for Lauren to decide if she wanted gold or silver metal. With her wedding colors of champagne and burgundy, she decided on gold metal.

My only disappointment with the creation of these custom wedding jewelry pieces was that Swarovski did not have a larger selection of burgundy crystals. But, that didn't stop this creative mind!

There were so many beautiful details put into the design of Lauren's Wedding Jewelry that I am going to be breaking them up into separate posts.

November Birthstone Earrings in Golden Crystal Topaz

November Birthstone: The Golden Healers -Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Creations
Both Citrine and Topaz are recognized as November's Birthstone.

However, Topaz is the modern birthstone for November and is associated with the sun. Both these birthstones are referred to as "The Golden Healers".

You don't have to be born in November to wear these gorgeous handmade earrings. Topaz is such a rich, amber shaded color that it's a perfect complement to the Autumn season. In fact, these free-form glass beads bring to mind fall pumpkins. November is the time of year perfect for picking pumpkins. Slip these in your ears for a beautiful pair of pumpkin earrings!
November Birthstone Earrings | Topaz Crystal Beaded Earrings (EBC110)
November Birthstone Earrings
Topaz Crystal Beaded Earrings (EBC110)
One of a Kind
These handmade beaded earrings were designed with topaz Swarovski Crystals, amber topaz free-form glass beads with sterling silver wire wrapped in an abstract pattern on front of bead. Sterling silver ear wire hooks. Earrings length is 1-1/4" from the bottom of the ear wire.

Pop of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Jewelry

October is all about the color pink. Not only is this color October's Birthstone it is also the nationally recognized color for raising awareness of Breast Cancer. Pink is also the quintessential color of femininity! Which is why I am absolutely in love with this new pink Breast Cancer Awareness Jewelry.

Many times, simply wearing a gorgeous piece of awareness jewelry will start a conversation which will ultimately raise awareness for your cause. We hope you choose Crystal Allure to help you raise awareness -beautifully!

With this new Pop of Pink awareness jewelry, you have three options to choose from. You can purchase the items individually; purchase the bracelet with earrings and save $5; or save $10 by purchasing the complete 3pc. jewelry set.
Pop of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon 3pc Jewelry Set
Pop of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon 3pc Jewelry Set

Choose Style
All the pieces in this handmade beaded jewelry set were designed with Grade A fiber optic glass pink cat's eye beads, fuchsia Swarovski Crystals, white pearlized seed beads and sterling silver. Further details of each jewelry piece can be found below.

What makes this set so gorgeous are the cat's eye beads. They are called "cat's eye" because of the way in which they refract light that resembles the oblong center of a cat's eye. The feature of these pink beads is how the color shift and inner glow complement the contrast of the vibrant fuchsia Swarovski Crystals.
Pop of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Necklace (NAB106)
Pop of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Necklace (NAB106)

This handmade beaded awareness necklace length is 17-1/4" with a 1" sterling silver awareness ribbon charm pendant. The design is finished off with our sterling silver signature jewelry tag.
Pop of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Bracelet (BA220)
Pop of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Bracelet (BA220)

Embrace your delicate wrist with this elegant handmade beaded awareness bracelet in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. Bracelet measures 8" and is finished with a sterling silver awareness ribbon charm and our signature jewelry tag.
Pop of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Earrings (EA301)
Pop of Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Earrings (EA301)

These gorgeous pink awareness earrings are beautiful enough you could wear these on their own and still make a powerful statement! Beaded earring length is 1-3/4" from the bottom of the ear wire. Earrings will arrive with

The History of Swarovski Crystals

Handmade jewelry receives added dimension and style when crystals are added to the design. With nearly all Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Designs incorporating Swarovski Crystals, we wanted to put together this handy guide to assist you with a better understanding and appreciation for the beauty that only Swarovski Crystals offer.

The History of Swarovski Crystals
Daniel Swarovski | The History of Swarovski Crystals | Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Creations
Swarovski (Swore-off-ski), founded by Daniel Swarovski in 1895, is the luxury brand name for the range of precision-cut lead crystal glass and related products. Crystallized - Swarovski Elements is the branch of the Swarovski company that offers crystal beads and rhinestones for use by manufacturers, artists and consumers in their designs.

Swarovski crystal sets itself apart from the competition by offering an exceptionally exquisite, quality crystal with incredible brilliance. As well, the delicate color palette is another quality that sets Swarovski crystal components apart from others. For these reasons, virtually all beaded jewelry by Crystal Allure uses genuine Daniel Swarovski crystal -either exclusively or in combination with other stones.

The Swarovski Company uses only high lead content crystal glass. Typically, a full thirty-two percent of the glass is lead and lead oxide. The presence of lead increases the glasses refractive index, bringing it closer to the same sparkle that a diamond has. By cutting the glass in just the right way, internal reflection from inside the shiny surfaces of the glass cause the light to reflect internally. This internal reflection results in sparkle as the glass is tilted, adding to its beauty and to the beauty of our jewelry.

The demand for Swarovski crystal unfortunately can create a host of imitators. So how can you ensure you are getting the real thing?

How to Identify Genuine Swarovski Crystals

For starters, Swarovski crystals are perfectly uniform. Since they are machine cut, each crystal is the same. This means that the height, width and slope are consistent. A hand polished imitator bead will not have as uniform a cut.

Swarovski uses machinery that precisely cuts each crystal. According to Swarovski, "cutting hard materials such as crystal and gems, in such a way that they have a hundred identical facets in several directions, is a very complicated task; each direction of the reflected light must first be calculated by computer, then this has to be simulated in 3D, optimized and finally converted into control programs for complex machinery." This is just part of the technology that gives Swarovski crystals their unbelievable sparkle.

How to tell if Swarovski Crystals are genuine by Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Creations
The precision cutting of Swarovski machinery allows each crystal to have its facet juncture "pointing up". This means the facet junctures all meet at precisely the same point. This is a similar aspect of diamond faceting.

For Swarovski crystals with the AB (aurora borealis) finish, these will have a uniform surface luster. There are no swirling marks from the vacuum process that produces the AB finish, and generally there are no scratches. The "imitations" often have scratches, swirl marks ("oily" looking surface). Some of these imperfections, in the "imposters", have to do with the lower quality of the finish.

Other helpful tips include:
~When you look inside the crystal, you will see no bubbles. If you see any bubbles, you know immediately that it is a fake.
~Because of its special glass compounds, Swarovski crystal will out-sparkle a bead of lesser quality when placed in a side-by-side comparison.

Other crystals on the market:
Celestial Crystals are hand-cut, hand-polished lead crystal glass. Celestial crystal beads are highly reflective and offer a cascade of sparkling color in jewelry designs.

Preciosa Crystals are machine cut crystals referred to as the "cadillac of czech glass beads". Preciosa crystal beads and pendants are characterized by their sheer variety and versatility of cuts, colors, and coatings. Preciosa crystals follow centuries old Bohemian glass traditions to ensure vibrant quality and incredible value in every genuine crystal produced.

October Birthstone Pink Cats Eye Crystal Beaded Earrings

October Birthstone: The Rainbow Gem -Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Creations
The October Birthstone tourmaline is known as "The Rainbow Gem". Written in Egyptian legend is, that while traveling to the earth’s surface these stones passed over a rainbow, and in the process, absorbed all the colors of the rainbow.

Hence, tourmaline gemstone comes in a 'rainbow of colors'. The most widely popular variety of tourmaline is watermelon' tourmaline. It is both beautiful and unique in that it has a red core, an inner layer of white then an outer layer of green, giving the effect of a slice of watermelon -hence the name.

Although pink tourmaline is one of the October Birthstones, watermelon tourmaline is so uniqueness it is the preferred affordable choice for October birthstone gifts.
October Birthstone Earrings: Pink Cats Eye Crystal Beaded Earrings (EBC109)
October Birthstone Earrings
Pink Cats Eye Crystal Beaded Earrings (EBC109)
These handmade beaded birthstone earrings are designed with a gorgeously feminine pink fiber optic cats eye Grade A glass beads surrounded by silver filigree bead caps, sterling silver beads and topped off with both rose and AB light rose Swarovski Crystals. Sterling silver hooks. Length is 1-1/4" from the bottom of the ear wire.

Love this design and want to customize with your birthstone? Contact us for customization.

The Power of Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Jewelry

October is designated as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and pink is nationally recognized as the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon color.

Raise awareness of Breast Cancer beautifully with the power of pink!
Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Crystal Allure Bracelet (BA033-BC) | Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Creations
Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Crystal Allure Bracelet (BA033-BC)
Sparkle with Hope and Awareness when you wear this bracelet! This handmade beaded awareness bracelet features sparkling pink rose Swarovski Crystals with white Swarovski Pearls accenting sterling silver awareness ribbons beads. Finished with a white Hope pearl and pink crystal dangle charm and our sterling silver signature jewelry tag. Measures 7-1/2".
Cosmopolitan Pink Rose Quartz Gemstone Beaded Crystal Allure Bracelet (B181) | Crystal Allure Beaded Jewelry Creations
Cosmopolitan Pink Rose Quartz Gemstone Beaded Crystal Allure Bracelet (B181)
One of a Kind

For the month of October 2015, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this pink bracelet will be donated to a Breast Cancer awareness program.

Friendship was the inspiration behind this handmade beaded bracelet. Friends are an important part of our lives and this bracelet celebrates special girlfriends and fond memories of a girls night out. After a long day at work, isn't it fun to get out with the girls, relax and have a tasty cocktail?!

This pink crystal bracelet is also a beautiful representation of the girl friends who support through a friends' breast cancer diagnosis. Sparkle in the power of pink!

This irresistibly fun cocktail charm bracelet features rose quartz gemstones, pink rose Swarovski Crystals, .925 Bali, sterling silver beads, circle toggle clasp and cosmopolitan charm with a pink colored cubic zirconia, garnished with a garnet "cherry". Handmade beaded bracelet is finished with our signature jewelry tag and measures 7-1/2".