Sold Items

One question we are asked frequently is:

Can I purchase jewelry that has been marked as Sold or Out of Stock?
To ensure you are getting a truly unique piece, most beaded jewelry are original and one of a kind jewelry designs.

Our jewelry designs are very popular and we understand that there are times when you come across a sold jewelry design that you would like for your own. Depending on the availability of the beads and components used in the design, it may be possible to recreate the design. If the exact design cannot be recreated, an alternative would be to create a similar reproduction to the sold piece -but it will not be exactly as the original piece and we would let you know that upfront.

If there is an item you're interested in that is listed as either sold or out of stock, please feel free to contact me with the item number and I would be happy to let you know if that particular piece can be recreated.

Also note, some sold products are marked as 'Made to Order'. For these instances, it is possible the piece(s) can be custom ordered in a variety of crystals, stones and metals. Availability will depend on the components used in the particular piece.

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